Gamespot's Game of the Year

The deliberations for the absolute best game of 2007 were easily among the most challenging and most argumentative award debates that the editorial staff has had thus far. 2007 was an absolutely incredible year for games of all genres and all platforms, particularly shooters, but there were also excellent music games, platformers, role-playing games, and strategy games. Even whittling down the list to only 10 finalists for this category wasn't easy--it was even tougher to come to the final decision for the highest honor GameSpot gives to any game each year. Find out which game took the number one spot, along with the 10 total finalists.

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skynidas4042d ago

Well I dont really care about gamespot anymore and i think that this GOTY awards are flamebait

Luca Blight4042d ago

Although I agree that Super Mario Galaxy is great, Gamespot has always been comprised of mostly casual gamers - Suikoden (6.5), Persona (7.3), Suikoden 2 (7.6), MGS (8.5)...need I say more?

raerae284042d ago

I agree, they tend to be kinda weird in how they rank their games. I mean most other people would say COD4 as Game of the Year. I think Halo is sooooo played out so if they said that I would think low of them as well.

pilotpistolpete4042d ago

Haha, or even a ps3 game, for that matter!

Foliage4042d ago

You must be retarded or illiterate.

Call of Duty 4, and Rock Band are both PS3 games. Stop going by the images, and actually read the text. They also failed to list Orange Box as a PS3 title, probably because of how "bias" they are.

But everyone knows Orange Box PC is game of the year. GameSpot continues to suck the big one.

crck4042d ago

COD 4 and Crysis are blowing away the other titles when it comes to the reader voting. Its a shame God of War 2 isn't getting more votes. That game is amazing but being a PS2 game means it has no shot.

Marceles4042d ago

Yeah that REALLY sucks that GOW2 isn't even considered in GOTY. I guess it came out too early this year and it's a PS2 game. GOW2 should've been on everyone's GOTY lists.