Street Fighter x Tekken: Special Edition Unboxed

ZOMGPlay's Article showcasing Unboxed pictures of the Street Fighter x Tekken: Special Edition Bundle.

"Capcom’s latest fighting mash-up, Street Fighter X Tekken, is just about to be released in Europe and unlike previous Capcom fighting games this one will be getting its very own Special Edition."

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pucpop2440d ago

decided not to buy this, gonna wait for the turbo edition next year. tonight its umvc3 + beer:) have a great wkend, fighter fans!

GearSkiN2440d ago

no other extra disc gonna come out for this game this is it. and ill prob just wait when it gets lowered coz i was about to by a used version already. give it a few months it will be 40 bucks

The_Devil_Hunter2440d ago

lol by a few months there will already be the SUSFXT. No hurry on Capcom games these days.