Rumor: LucasArts Hiring For Action Adventure Title on “Future Generation Consoles”

With the PS4 and next Xbox’s release likely to come sometime in the next few years, developers like Bethesda are starting to move away from current gen consoles to prepare for the ‘next gen’. Now, a new job listing that suggests LucasArts are working on an action adventure title for “future generation consoles”. - PSLS

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T3mpr1x4032d ago

Indiana Jones: Among Thieves!

FrankDrebin4032d ago

I could care less about their game but I'm glad that it's for the next gen! WOOOT!

dbjj120884032d ago

Eh, not that surprised. Hiring should be happening about this time anyway.

Persistantthug4032d ago

So I'm expecting new consoles in 2014 (excluding Nintendo of course).
That sounds about right.

theeg4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

its been happening for years, the new xbox is and wii u are coming out this year.

the 360 is 7 years old, in november it will be starting its 8th year on the market, think about that......

new xbox, november 2012

gypsygib4031d ago

I have no faith in Lucas Arts

Why you ask? Force Unleashed and..ugh, Kinect Star Wars the mini-game, with dancing and on rails pod racing.