9.0 - MotorStorm: RC Review writes: "When you think of the MotorStorm series, radio controlled cars aren’t exactly the first things that spring to mind, so it was a little bit surprising when Evolution Studios announced that they would be the focus of the latest instalment in the series, the aptly titled MotorStorm: RC. Taking the huge, multi-path tracks of the original quattro of games and shrinking them down to a miniature size was always something that was going to take quite a high degree of care to manage adequately, but Evolution has done a fantastic job of it."

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eferreira2505d ago

great game, online is implemented really well.

suicidalblues2505d ago

I wasn't crazy about the ps3 demo, but playing it on the vita is an absolute blast.

Pixel_Enemy2505d ago

I was a little skeptic about the online features since you don't race your friends in real time but it is actually really amazing.

I like how I can beat my friends times when they aren't even online.