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GamingUnion: "Before being tasked with rebooting the Devil May Cry series in the upcoming DmC, English developer Ninja Theory worked on the thoroughly enjoyable, character-driven adventure known as Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Criminally under-appreciated by the gaming public, Enslaved put Ninja Theory's signature strengths on display - storytelling, strong characters, beautiful cutscenes and excellent pacing. If anybody ever decides to pull out this dusty file and return to Monkey and Trip's universe, I'll be the first in line."

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mephman2941d ago

It's still a shame this game didn't sell better. But, that's life.

JDouglasGU2941d ago

i really hope ninja theory returns to this franchise one day.

rdgneoz32941d ago

Great story to it, though the platforming did itself and the combat ended up being just button mashing. Their attitude towards HS didn't help matters with their fans either.

ironfist922941d ago

Cant wait for DmC...this was great, but I'm still hoping for a HS2

gillri2941d ago

yes I did and loved it!! amazing music, story and character

Andy Serkis FTW!!

Acquiescence2941d ago

makes the game worth playing. One of the greatest actors of this generation for sure - he's fearless.

Oh and... Enslaved is awesome.

Bimkoblerutso2941d ago

It's sad that the DMC backlash has spilled over onto this game. I loved the game to death. The simple, auto-pilot gameplay didn't bother me anymore than it did in games like Heavy Rain or 999.

Rolento2941d ago

This game was horrible when it was first announced. It even sold less than Heavenly Sword.

OmegaSlayer2941d ago

The game was awful and insanely overhyped.
Story was average.
Gameplay was between mediocre and bad.

Want to play an awesome game with a cool story?
Play Binary Domain.

OcelotRigz2941d ago

Like one guy said, good story, atmosphere and great characters. But let down by its shortness, easy platforming and combat.
Still, i liked it and would like to see more games that take the positives from this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.