Understanding the Evolution of the Wii U Controller

On first blush, you may not notice the differences between the Wii U controller prototype and the later version, but there are a few key ones. And if this is a legit rendering of what Nintendo’s new controller could have been, I have to say that I’m happy with the changes that have been made. Let’s take a look under the hood, shall we?

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Menashe2948d ago

I wonder if there will be even further tweaks in the final version revealed at E3.

Ness-Psi2948d ago

I reckon so, probably just asthetics little things here and there.

StraightPath2948d ago

thoughts of mario and zelda on wii u...= OH MY DAYS.

Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

Zelda twlight princess / Skyward Sword

are master pieces of games. Seriously so surpised how Skyward Sword did not get that much attention while skyrim did...anyone who hasnt played it go play now you will play a master class game.

Better then everything from 2011 and this entire generation is up there the best games this generation.

Zelda Skyward Sword my goty 2011

runners up

Portal 2
Batman AC
forza 4

bronze award

gears of war 3
uncharted 3
super mario 3d land

axisofweevils2948d ago

It's strange how much the side view of the controller looks like the Wii nunchuck

Menashe2948d ago

Yeah, at first I thought it was a Wii nunchuck, to be honest.

gypsygib2948d ago

A single touch screen sounds less than promising but i am very excited to know exactly what's going on with Wii U.