Battlefield 3 Close Quarters: new screenshot reveals a very small map

A new screenshot of Battlefield 3 Close Quarters show just how small the map is.

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christheredhead2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Well, the map lives up to the CQC name. Not really my ideal image of a Battlefield map, but oh well.

I'm pretty sure I'll be skipping the CQC pack all together. I know a lot of gamers enjoy that aspect of BF3, but I'm more geared towards maps that are actual "battlefields" in a sense. Maps that encompass all the fun aspects of Battlefield and not just 1 playstyle. The theme idea is pretty cool, but I don't see why they just can't put together some awesome, expansive battlefield maps instead of themed packs that enhance one aspect/area of the game. My Battlefield playstyle isn't geared towards CQC so it sort alienates me and what I want out of the game. Still interested, but not enthused.

What I really want to know is, what is the theme for the End Game DLC? That one sounds the most interesting.

ATi_Elite2417d ago

What is this Call of Duty?

I wanted BIGGER maps and they went the other way!

I'll be glad when Planetside 2 and Arma III are released.

Solid_Snake372417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Cmon man, its a map with an opportunity to work on your weapons skills etc. Also the environments will be 100% destructible. I just have one request for DICE: NO FRAG ROUNDS!

However, I do agree with you. This is not what BF is about. And i do hope the next map pack comes with a map like air superiority in BF 1943

2pacalypsenow2417d ago

its just 1 map dude calm down

Jayjayff2417d ago

Guys if you look closely enough you would realize that this is Team Deathmatch and we all know how they cut out portions of the map.

christheredhead2416d ago

You're right. Didn't really pay attention to that the first time around. Well, I don't play TDM on BF3 so I guess the map doesn't apply to me.

MrMister2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Grenade launchers, RPG's, claymores, and the wonky prone position that Bf3 uses is just the perfect recipe for disaster when applied to a map THAT small. Oh mercy, what are you thinking DICE? Then you make us wait until JUNE just for this crap? And we wont be seeing the All Vehicles mode (forgot the name) until Fall (hopefully). Oh boy.... Rainbow Six Patriots and Ghost Recon Future Soldier (And Uncharted 3 online/Gears of War 3 online) look better already.

Dust 514 will be free to play too on psn. That's where I'll be at. And Halo 4 coming for 360. Peace out DICE. Might check you out again in 2013, but by then the BF3 community might not have survived the onslaught of so many other awesome 2012 games coming out like GTA 5 (which confirmed online) and resident Evil 6 (not to mention the other games that I already referenced above)...

xc7x2417d ago

Wow,a few explosives will kill each round off pretty fast / easy. I don't understand why this stuff is included on BF3.dumb.

Urrakia342417d ago

People using USAS 12 with frag rounds are going to own this map.

ginsunuva2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Usas is now nerfed. People with the Mk3a1 like me could rape this map.

Also do you think pc players can set player count to 64 on this map?

AusRogo2417d ago

I hate people like you.

Solid_Snake372417d ago

You people are ruining BF3

SweatyFlorida2417d ago

Frag rounds in general were overall unneeded, so agreed. Support class with any shotgun plus claymores is going to be hell.

I'll be passing on that map pack lol

Majin-vegeta2417d ago

*I guess the new vehicles will include office chairs and mail carts.*

Lmfao this made me burst out during class right now and everyone looking at me all wierd xD.

jimimick2417d ago

I have no idea how there going to do this, i can remember playing in a 64 player tdm on a map that was obviously only meant for 24 or less and it was manic, laggy as hell how well you did was not dependent on skill but luck. It was the map with the cargo crates and large building you can go inside and its by the sea. However it was fun as hell.

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