TLR: Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater Review

Amir of TLR writes "Metal Gear junkies should go after the HD collection and save a few bucks, it’s not worth it on a smaller screen."

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FrankDrebin2943d ago

Does anyone like their 3DS? I was thinking about getting one.

ThePsychoGamer2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Personally I think that right now it is only worth it if you never got the DS. IMO the library of 3DS games right now is really to small to warrant the buying the system now.

FrankDrebin2943d ago

Sounds like solid advice. Thanks mate.

christheredhead2943d ago

I agree with ThePsychoGamer. Probably wait a bit till the library expands and offers more titles. Its got some great games right now, but not enough of a quantity or variety at the moment.

If you wanted to start playing some of the games from the extensive DS library than yah, get the 3ds. That way you would be set. If you wanted to get the 3ds specifically for 3ds games you might get burned out quickly due to the lack of titles.

On just a handheld level, its worth the purchase price tag. Its not fairly expensive and it works great as far displaying 3d/graphics.

SovereignSnaKe2943d ago

-Yea, i got one to play resident evil, which i absolutely loved!, then despite saying i would not buy snake eater, because seriously this is now the 5th copy of that game i own!, Still, I caved and bought it, to save for a Rainy day when i'm far far away from a home console... :) -I recommend, I'm also psyched for Paper mario, and Luigi's Mansion.

bacrec12943d ago

I will say that Re Revelations is a console experience.

TheDivine2943d ago

Its well worth it for only 170 bucks. RE Reveations is outstanding, a must play game. Theres also mario kart (the best one since n64, mario 3d land, zelda oot, tales of the abyss, mgs3, nano assault, kid icarus coming up, kingdom hearts coming up, alot of good eshop games like vvvvvv, pushmo, freaky forms, and a massive ds library of awesome games. Now is a great time to be a 3ds owner.

Mgs3 is great in 3d. The controlls arent as great as on consoles but it looks amazing and the new crouching and shooting seems to work really well. Id go for the collection if you can obviously unless you cant get it or are a massive fan like me who can replay mgs3 on any platform it comes out on. Id rather have had a new game, new areas and bosses with online added to it, or a reimagining like twin snakes but mgs is always good and this is imo the best of the series so you cant go wrong as long as you have it on any system.