GDC 2012: Deadly Premonition sequel, enhanced version teased

Gamastura: In his GDC presentation on the Harvest Moon series, Deadly Premonition executive producer Yasuhiro Wada teased two new possible installments of the series in collaboration with its director, Swery.

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NYC_Gamer4214d ago

I guess people who enjoyed this terrible game will be extra happy

KingOfArcadia4214d ago

Are you extra happy, Zach? I think I am, but it looks like NYC_Gamer doesn't like us much. Maybe he just needs a cup of coffee?

Lazy_Sunday4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

This game was a spectacle of beauty. Everything was perfect. I laughed, I cried, I grew angry with disgust and somehow didn't regret a single moment of the sheer work of art this game truly is. How dare you spit your hatred on it. Never have I before laughed-my-ass-off, nor have I rolling-on-floor-laughing, and, in truth, you'd never see me rolling-on-floor in addition to laughing-my-ass-off--until this beautiful piece of a game. This game truly defined comedy in the spectrum of gaming as an experience.

How dare you sir.
How DARE you.

coolbeans4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Mr NYC_Gamer,

You seem to have an odd taste in games
Especially if you find D.P. to be lame.

...So says Mr. Stewart.

Rampaged Death4214d ago

One of the overrated games this generation. I've seen if played through twice (Endurance Run) and it's such a terrible game.

KwietStorm_BLM4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Overrated? lol really? I thought people just enjoyed how bad it was.

Pozzle4214d ago

Exactly. It's like watching a really bad horror movie like Troll 2 or Child's Play 3. You know they aren't going to win any awards, but they're so ridiculous that they're still fun to watch.

Skateboard4214d ago

I liked it and want a sequel.

BabyTownFrolics4214d ago

play heavy rain and deadly premonition one after the other and experience all that is possible in gaming

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Deadly Premonition | Games To Play Before You Die

Deadly Premonition is a weird, weird cocktail that doesn't go down smooth for everyone, but it's still absolutely worth sampling.

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jznrpg215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

It’s sooooo janky but the story is so good and the agent is so quirky I loved it thouroughly, the story is that good that you can actually make it through all of its jankiness and issues .
It’s a diamond in the rough and rough is saying lighly.
This game deserves a remake out of any game I can think of .
If they fixed the combat ,driving and movement this would be one of my favorite games all time and it already is in a way.

After10Ben215d ago

The first time I turned on my flashlight was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a game. His suit just sort of lights up. There's no physical flashlight in his hand--hilarious. It's also the only game I've played to truly capture the delightfull quirkiness of Twin Peaks. I'm with you on how much I like this game. Despite all of its flaws, it's a genuinely fun experience. "My coffee warned me about it," is probably my favorite line of all time in any video game.

I still haven't played the sequel, but I will some day.

shinoff2183215d ago

I enjoyed this back during ps3 days. I'd buy it again if they re released it fixed up a little. I had fun with it.


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cthulhucultist242d ago

ok I believe that Deadly Premonition 2 scene described in the article, takes the cake! Although one could argue that there are so many memorable ridiculous moments in this game.

oIMyersIo242d ago

Wish the F.E.A.R. franchise would get resurrected.


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gamerben1070d ago

Surprised killer7 isn't mentioned. This was the central premise of that game

KDblack1069d ago

Killer7 was mentioned, but only for one sentence because it's the central premise of the game. There wasn't really a need to go into detail.

gamerben1069d ago

Oh woops didn't catch it. Sorry mang