Wii Footage

Some footage of people playing Wii, looks like fun.

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God of Gaming5005d ago

Ok.. what am I missing. I need a Nintendo fanboy or two explain to me, why this looks like fun? Its close to painful watching them try to control each game. I still dont get the hype for this system.

Killswitch5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

I'm into consoles period. But nintendo was my first one, and the hype is the way nintendo always shape the gaming industry with a new way to play or a new gaming style. So just to actually act out what you doing, is something we always wanted to do. Well as far as me, now like EA sports you in the game....

wulfgar885005d ago

not being a huge gamer this does look kinda interesting...i mean being drunk and playing some of those things looks like it would be a sweet time hahaha...not to mention getting a drunk lady friend to play the hoola hoop game...good times for all.

Asylumchild5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

Japs playing golf and doing good thats a first this could shape up people, like teaching black people to swim mabby!!! :) hahahahahahaha Hey and you can jack off while playing have these games and win wow I will poon :)

Marty83705005d ago

That don't look fun at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.