WoW March Confirms Ron Paul as Internet's Candidate

On January 1st, World of Warcraft players in Whisperwind server are planning a march for Ron Paul from Ironforge to Stormwind. The Wii PlayBox 360.3 examines Ron Paul's huge rise in popularity on the internet and its ramifications on the campaign that have lead to this very unique event in an MMORPG.

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gamesR4fun4575d ago

Id love to see what America can do with an honest man in charge.

The Real Joker4575d ago

Thats easy. Under him, we would pull out of the Middle East all together as he has explained and his blind followers would continue to believe that the radical Islamic terrorists are just going leave us be. Then when another 911 occurs, maybe just maybe Ron Paul and his ignorant followers will realize a real candidate should of been president.

gamesR4fun4575d ago

"blind follower' if you think 9/11 wasn't caused by your own government...

The Real Joker4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I never alluded to that at all. I think people that believe that 911 was caused by the government need to get their head checked.

Lumbo4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

That will be nice, all of them will be banned, as political demonstration are explicitly forbidden by Blizzards TOS.

And NO politician is honest, only the amount of their lies or more precise the amount of uncovered lies varies.

Panthers4575d ago

Never voting for this guy.

"No taxes and no government meddling in your business sounds perfect for people who don't typically vote or care about politics. Ron Paul would also eliminate every single government service, such as public schools, hospitals, and such to try and rebalance the budget after getting rid of the income tax, but he doesn't talk about that part as much."

Yea like I am voting for this...

gamesR4fun4575d ago

wth dude never said anything so nuts your blowing that quote way out of proportion....
What he says is you need accountable government and that he'd cut a lot of the superfluous spending on wastefull and unneeded bureaucracies.

ruiner44824575d ago

It's sad he isn't a viable candidate. We will get stuck with Romney or Guiliani.

HarryEtTubMan4575d ago

Ron Paul is actually for the people... he wants to get rid of this "we need to save the world" mentailty and bring all our dying troops home, and secure OUR OWN [email protected] BORDERS. He is against the NEW WORLD ORDER... Which it says right below the pyramid on the back of our oe dollar bill. The U.S. is the empire of the world. The will lie and tell u ANYTHING but the U.S. along with other big countries are taking over the middle east... forcing them ALL(eventually) to become a democracy working through the international Money system... with the barrel of a gun pointed at them... its like ... "we really dont care about ur values, religion, political traditions... we will invade u and TELL you what u do.... and die. and all these "Extremists" trying to blow the US to pieces and saying "P[LEASE LEAVE US ALONE AND STOP POLICING OUR COUNTRY" are the "terrorists" not the US changing there every litle tradition. Yea and keep beliveing 4 sand people from Afghanistan were able to make the World Trade centers collapse in under a hour each.... WHEN THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN HISTORY... WHEN HUNDERS OF SCHOLARS SAY ITS IMPOSSIBLE AND VERY WELL CONSPIRACY. When Hillary Clinton wins all this same crap will continue. Ron Paul is one of the ONLY ones that isnt for big Goverment and the Establishment Military, World Dominating Government. You dumb sheep will realize. There is gonna be another 9/11 regardless. THESE CRAZY PEOPLE WAS A NEW WORLD ORDER AND IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!! GO DO UR HOMEWORK!!! I KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS SUBJECT!!! AMERICA IS CRAZY ALONG WITH BRITAIN... THEY REALLY ARE GAMTHERING EVERYTHINGFOR A NEW WORLD ORDER! RON PAUL IS AGAINST IT... HE WANTS AMERICA TO STAY ITS OWN COUNTRY AND NOT JOIN CANADO AND MEXICO TO BECOME THE "NORTH AMERICAN UNNION" THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS GOING TO BE GONE WITHIN THE NEXT PRESIDENCY IF RON PAUL DOESNT WIN!! I SWEAR TO GOD ON MY LIFE!!! THEY WANT A NORTH AMERICAN UNION JUST LIKE EUROPE, AFRICA, AUSTRAILIA TO BECOME A NEW WORLD ORDER! WATCH SHEEP.... YOU WILL SEE! THE ONES WITH ALL THE POWER WANT ALLLLL THE POWER AND TO CONTROL EVERYTHING! YOU WILL SEE! THEY ARE PSYCHOPATHS!

The Real Joker4575d ago

You forgot to add your usual "360 suxs" along with this bullshit propaganda wall of text.

supnub54575d ago

he is telling truth u blind rednecks.

TruthbeTold4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

lol @ you people who act like America can never do any wrong, and that it's crazy or unpatriotic to believe otherwise. The reason our country is getting so screwed up is because of people like you, who pretend everything is great when things are going down the tube, and try to foul mouth people who tell it like it is and disturb your comfortable little illusion...

"Strange times are these in which we live, when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the one man who dares to speak the truth, is at once called a lunatic, and a fool." - Plato

Xbox is the BEST4575d ago

you are right.
"When people fear the Government there is tryanny; when the Government fears it's people there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

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