Gamekult review: Journey

Pure spectacle limiting interactions and prompts as much as possible, Thatgamecompany's title will be too short and simple for some, or perfectly paced and accessible for others. But its formal beauty won't leave many people cold. Unfortunately, some will legitimately find its price too high considering the amount of content, as striking as it is.

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ElDorado3510d ago

Gamekult shits on every PS exclusive. Their reviews are garbage and not worth reading. Look at what they're saying it's too short and too easy. Journey is what they call experiencing the game, exploring and enjoying yourself not how great you are, if it would be like that all games would have been the same. Journey is different, if you can't accept that don't cry about it. Gamekult really like attention don't they, always giving scores that are lower than the usual scores, that has nothing to do with being critical. I failed cause I actually read the review and gave them attention by typing this.

CynicalVision3510d ago

"shit on every PS3 exclusive"

Since when did a 7/10 equate to shitting on a game?

redDevil873510d ago

Since everyone else was rating it 9 and 10s.

He's complaining about the length when it's still half the length of a COD campaign lol.

Megaman_nerd3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

based on a ratio of thousands of games scores a 7 is below average at most. Just look at metacritic, their movies section has all kinds of scores from 1 to 10 and its average is 6 while for games the average is 8!! How in this world 8 can be an average is only possible in the game industry.

Now this means 1 of 2 things. Gaming is an extremely superior media compared to any other or game reviewers are overrating games all the time. I mean, where else so many 10's are thrown around every time a new game comes out? And this creates a stigma you know.

Hoje03083510d ago

Myself, I'd give Journey a ten, but others might be turned off by the price or simplistic nature of the game, so I can understand when someone gives it a slightly lower score. Personally, I think the length is enough, because what I experienced in that two hours was a sense of joy, accompanied by almost constant smiling. Well worth fifteen dollars.

Old McGroin3510d ago

Agreed, had that constant smiling thing going on as well!

SandwichHammock3510d ago

hahahaha!!!!! seriously, thigh slapper and a half!

OmniSlashPT3510d ago

This is gaming nowadays. Gamers prefer half a dozen hour shallow campaing and a repetitive multiplayer to a short but memorable and exciting experience that isn't just a game, but art. GTFO

Old McGroin3510d ago

Got Journey yesterday and finished it in one sitting, don't think it even took 2 hours but I am in no way disappointed, it's an excellent game/experience and I can see myself playing through it over and over again, brilliant game.

limewax3510d ago

I thought it doesn't release until the 14th?

cervantes993510d ago

PS+ got it as an early release on Tuesday.

limewax3510d ago

and back to the playstation I go!

El_Assenso3510d ago

What a loada cra*!!! Got it on PS+ and its bloody great!! Such a unique game in every single way possible. Whats really catching is the music and the art style. Kudos to the Composer and Art Director they've both done a super job! 10/10 game for me!!!

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