NGB: Mass Effect 3 Review

It’s more action than RPG, that’s for sure, but when both elements are crafted with such high quality it’s hard to care about the exact balance between the two. With Mass Effect 3, BioWare has delivered a title that pushes the boundaries of interactive storytelling, backed up by some excellent core gameplay and stunning visuals. Utterly compelling from start to finish, it’s quite simply an essential purchase.

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Awesome_Gamer3982d ago

A little bit overrated.. I think 9/10 would be more fair

NGB3982d ago

A matter of taste and opinion, we certainly wouldn't begrudge anyone giving it a 9. However, even with slight niggles, we think it deserves a 10. For us, 10 doesn't represent the perfect game, no title is, it's represents the best of it's genre. Again, a matter of opinion, we certainly respect yours.

Kos-Mos3982d ago

So you`re saying it`s the best game in it`s genre? You can`t even make a valid reason why you gave this game a 10. Just another chap with a small vision of the game industry and absolutely no understanding on how a review system should work.


NGB3980d ago

Thanks for the comment, even if you are insulting our reviewer.

If you read the review, that will justify why our reviewer thinks the game deserves a 10/10.

Rather than put the reviewer's opinion down and be insulting, maybe you should give your opinion on Mass Effect 3.

Also, would love to hear how a review system should work and why this review means our "chap" has a "small vision of the game industry".

And, yes, as far as action RPGs go, our reviewer thinks it represents the best of its genre. If you disagree with that, fine, no need for insults though. As for the review system, we're assuming you believe 10/10 means perfect, which basically means no game should ever receive a 10/10, as every game in someone's eyes has flaws. Which leads us back to opinion's, we all have one, you don't have to agree with our reviewers, but it would be nice if you respected without resorting to insults.

Again, thanks for the comment.