Levine wants to show you BioShock on Vita, not talk about it

"It's something completely different that we're crafting," Irrational Games boss Ken Levine tells me as I press him for details on BioShock for the PlayStation Vita. Levine revealed during Sony's media briefing at E3 2011 (pictured) that the new handheld would be home to a unique experience set in the BioShock universe.

tantobanto4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Isnt he talking about it saying he doesnt want to talk about it?

@ below

it sounds like he might be

jujubee884105d ago

There is enough huge games and cheap ("time killer") games on the VITA for me to wait on IG's new game.

Marceles4105d ago

That's always the best approach IMO

FinaLXiii4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

He doesnt want to hype his game without some visual evidence, that´s reasonable.

E3 2012 hopefully will show something or maybe we will get to see sooner than that.