Finally A Shark Gun For The Wii

So you've got yourself a Wii for Christmas, and you've managed to snag the system's best games, maybe a controller sleeve or one of those nifty charging cradles, but one thing still bothers you. Where the hell's the shark gun? Here the hell's the shark gun. $10.86 at DealExtreme snags you the Paga Shark Light Gun for the Wii, finally adding the "True Experience" of pointing a shark at your television, just like the U.S. Military. Just slip the Wiimote up top, plug the nunchuk (also named mushroom head?) into the shark's anus and you are good to go! Marine sodomy has never been so much fun!

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bym051d4044d ago

The answer to the question nobody asked.

bym051d4044d ago

Also, I've never spent time in the military, so can someone who has fill me in. Which groups of the U.S. military use shark shaped guns?

GlossGreen4044d ago

the new Navy Special Weapons Initiative. Top secret, very hush, hush. I 've already said too much.

bym051d4044d ago

Note the mfg connected the bottom of the "ii" in Wii so they won't get sued.

Capt CHAOS4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

dildo prop is coming out for the Wii?

How about potty prop too (it's not called a Wii for nothing).

bym051d4044d ago

I believe that comes out with Warioware: Screwed.

name4044d ago

FINALLY, a shark gun. Okay, NOW I can buy the wii. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.