The Showdown: Did the Wii win in 2007?

The Showdown continues. Each week Ars Technica picks a topic, flip a coin to see which Opposable Thumbs writer gets to argue which side, then present it to you. Today? Whether or not Nintendo's Wii bested the competition this year. (December 28, 2007)

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Anything but Cute4037d ago

yeah, I would say so. I mean the Wii now has a larger install base than the XBOX 360 and it's only been out half the time. And stores can't even keep up with demand.

I would say it won.

kobonline4037d ago

It will have to take a galactic surge by Sony and Microsoft if they want to win this one.

Even if the Wii sales would decrease by half of what its doing now, it would still be a lot ground to make up for.

wiizy4036d ago

did the wii won? wii didnt just win. it crushed the competition..more of the same for next year