GamePro: The most significant video game news of 2007

GamePro lists the biggest stories of the year - some shocking, others far-reaching, everything you need to know.

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bym051d4041d ago

IMHO, the Gerstmann story was the biggest of the year, beating out RRODs.

xboxrumble4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

IMHO, I think sony failing to capitalize on its 4-D 120FPS rant at around E3 2006.

with the poor software sales, now a lot of fans realize they have been fooled. pure smoke, and vaporware...on sony's part. Yeah the ps3 will crush Ms at birth.

at least that statement, "they will buy it even without games" holds true. It's a cheap blu-ray player why not. Who needs games, when you can get 5-15 free blu-ray titles.

wiizy4040d ago

to me 2007 is significant cause it shows what the wii will do to the competition in 08.. this year was a preview