Exclusive Banjo info from Gregg Mayles

The Rare Witch Project has exciting and exclusive Banjo-Threeie news to report:

"Gregg Mayles, the Creative Director of the Banjo series, gave all of us at the Rare Witch Project a wonderful holiday present, affording us the opportunity to ask twelve Yes or No questions about Banjo-Threeie. Today, he answered six of our questions, and also informed us that he will answer the final six picked questions before the new year begins. He surprised us by not only giving us Yes or No answers, but by elaborating on the answers and even answering an additional bonus question."

"We are proud (and relieved) to be able to announce that rhyming will return in Banjo-Threeie, and that Banjo-Threeie will contain multiplayer. There are additional answers relating to Banjo-Threeie gameplay and plot, and you'll want to read it all, over and over and over again."

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MADGameR4042d ago

is going to make quick work of Banjo.

Anything but Cute4042d ago

lay off the fanboy bullshit. What kind of game is this anyway? A platformer?

Rayko4042d ago

They forgot to ask the most important question: When will it come out?

Anything but Cute4042d ago

What makes this better than Ratchet & Clank or Jak?

WisinYandel4042d ago

Banjo Kazooie is next to Goldeneye, Mario 64, and Conkers Bad Fur Day as my Nintendo64 favorites. This is by far the best game the 360 has in its 2008 line-up.

As a PS3 owner, Im jealous because we arent getting this game but still theres no reason to hate and be a fanboy.

BloodySinner4042d ago

I guess you never played the N64 originals. :-/

cow moolester4042d ago

The fact that this is a game most of us (although fanboys hate to admit it) grew up with on the N64 and was one of Rare's big titles they had when they were one of the best developers around.

Bnet3434042d ago

OMFG!!! I can't wait!!! Multiplayer cool!!! hope its co op online or something, either way this is awesome!!! I'm glad the original team is going to be working on this game, unlike PDZ.

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The story is too old to be commented.