Microsoft Mum on Motion Control Rumors

In line with policy, Microsoft has declined to comment on rumors of a motion-controlled Xbox 360 controller.

A Microsoft rep offered Next-Gen the expected response, "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation. And I have nothing further to share."

Gyration is the same company that pitched motion-sensing controller prototypes to Nintendo back in 2001. Nintendo didn't go with Gyration's design, but Gyration does hold multiple motion-sensing and remote control patents.

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predator4044d ago

i hope this to be true then all 3 of my consoles will have motion controll

MADGameR4044d ago

I remember the 360 fans saying that motion sensing is not needed this and that and now they are excited about it? Thats proof 360 fans are a bunch of hungry dogs like MS. If the good goes to the 360 you'll want it but if its only for another console, you bash it.

GunShotEddy4044d ago

The things that MS has to do:

1. make it more responsive and more accurate than the Wii. I love the Wii, but I hate when it misses a movement.
2. Don't force it (or require it) in a game like they did in Lair. Make it an option that can be turned on and off.
3. Utilize it in XBLA games first.

That should help it get off the ground. Forcing it is the worst thing they could do. Just do it right.

Rhezin4044d ago

yah I agree, improve where all else all other motion sensing controllers FAILED.

kira9894044d ago

You nailed it on the head man... AGREED WHOLE HEARTEDLY

MaximusPrime4044d ago

MS has a mother? happen to be Bill Gate?

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The story is too old to be commented.