UGO: Devil May Cry 4 hands-on preview

Deciphering the narrative smorgasbord of the Devil May Cry series is almost as tough as playing any of the games on their highest difficulty settings. The story-lite offering of the initial entry in the series doesn't help, but even the sequel and its follow-up series prequel serve up wacky tales of demons and their sons. Now, Devil May Cry 4 is incoming, the first such offering in the franchise for current-gen platforms (it will appear on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in early February). We have impressions of the game's first four missions with Nero as well as a fifth, featuring longtime star of the series Dante as a playable character. Hey super-fans... jealous much?

Preview by Adam Rosenberg.

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gunnerforlife4040d ago

im guessing dante is nero's dad:P

picker3324040d ago

Then Dante is Kyria's Father to??
Becouse Kyria is Nero's syster.

Peace Out!