NY criminal justice agency decries games

"There's this club down the street that's fun, so I go in and shoot this woman in the head, and people are screaming, and running all over, and there's blood everywhere. There's this cop next to me, who sees what I did. He's got body armor so I can't shoot him, so I throw gasoline on him, and light it, and he screams and runs around, and he died. There's this prostitute and they're super hard to kill, so I grab a machete and cut her head off."

Those are the words of a young child in a National Institute on Media and the Family Mediawise public service announcement . . .

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gamesR4fun4040d ago

whatever game that kids playing I want lol

j/k fact is theres no game like that that I know of and if there was its his parents who should be shut down for letting him play it....

rofldings4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Why the f*ck is the "young child" playing the game in the first place?
Another attempt to blame video games for our problems.