Equal Call of Duty 4 first day sales in Japan on Xbox 360 and PS3

First day sales in Japan for December 27. Call of Duty 4 sells an equal amount of copies on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with a three times bigger installed base for Playstation 3. Star Ocean on PSP sells 80k on first day, while Super Robot Wars is the top seller with 150k. Amount in ( ) is total first shipment.

Super Robot Wars OG Side Story (PS2) : about 150k

Star Ocean 1 First Departure (PSP) : about 80k(about 200k)

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku (PSP) : about 62k

Call of Duty 4 (360) : about 14k (about 20k)

Call of Duty 4 (PS3) : about 14k (about 20k)

Nodame Cantabile (Wii) : about 1k

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solar4582d ago

could the japanese be seeing the 360 as a FPS box i wonder? cuz thats pretty good to keep up sales with the lower install base....

BrianC62344582d ago

What surprises me about this story is the PS3 version sold as well as the 360 version. Yes is the answer to your question. There aren't many FPS fans in Japan. The only reason to buy a 360 in Japan is if you like them. I guess they don't like violence or guns so the genre doesn't sell well there.

mikeslemonade4582d ago

Look at what really matters. Both versions of COD4 sold 14k so the game is not a success in Japan. It's not the fault of either system. This does not mean 360 is gaining demand in Japan in fact it's actually less and less where as Wii and PS3 are steadly gaining.

Naruto4582d ago


Japan will NEVER like the 360 deal with

Genuine4582d ago

Aren't you "Narutoboy", one of the founders of the Sony Protection Group? I think you probably are, although I wouldn't blame you for denying it.

Ashta4582d ago

Hey Genuine,

Aren't you a Xbox 360 douchenozzle that takes time out of his obviously uneventful day to troll across the N4G comments to try and spout out vitriolic nonsense about "fanboyism" or whatever else manages to be vomited from your lips?

Probably are, but I wouldn't blame you for trying to defend yourself....and failing.

Genuine4582d ago

OOOOWW, another Sony Protection Group member coming to his masters aid. Someone hold me, I'm skeered!!!

PS360WII4582d ago

Well I'm suprised it sold that much for both really. Hope they like it seeing that it's a sweet game.

Tommie4582d ago

For Microsoft and other publisher as the Xbox 360 is seeing such strong sales with Call of Duty 4. I for one would love to play on Xbox Live with a Japanese Call of Duty 4 player. Wonder how good they really are :P

TANOD4582d ago

since Japanese dont buy x360s but only a fraction of the foreigners living there do

nasim4582d ago

DW and PES sold over 200k on PS3 and just 20k on X360.

it is good news but only for western devs. Unfortunately western oriented games dont sell in Japan

v1c1ous4582d ago

but you don't want to play with japan players on xbox live.

they tend to only play japanese players and kick out foreigners if host. or do the following

Lost planet: shotgun/mech hoars

Gears of War: the entire team will chainsaw like no tomorrow, usually 2 on 1. they love the lancer

Ace Combat 6: one word: XMAA