Good Luck Finding a Nintendo Wii

Whatever other accolades the Nintendo Wii might receive, it has already grabbed the title of this season's Scarcest Electronic Gift. Retailers and desperate parents alike tell similar tales of Wiis being sold so quickly that sightings of new shipments are big news.

Even more remarkably, this is the second holiday season that the product has been so popular, and, if anything, the fever seems to be building. Nintendo already has sold six million Wiis in the U.S. since its launch a year ago, becoming the fastest-selling console ever.

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wiizy4041d ago

it just finish selling 740,000 copies. im sure plenty of people found one. that was twice as many as the competition

Fototherapist4041d ago

I just picked up mine yesterday at Target (along with Super Mario Galaxy).

Meus Renaissance4041d ago

I don't want a Nintendo Wii. When I find some though, I'll hide the boxes from open view in the store, and replace them with PlayStation 3's. You never know, it might sell just as well as the Wii that way ;) lmao

Darkiewonder4041d ago

then bought a new one for regular price. ;3
But then again. he lives in a place no one knows about.

Any takers on mine? Ebay is such a lovely place <3

ElfShotTheFood4041d ago

I couldn't find any Nintendo Wiis, but I did find several Sony Wiis.

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