Is The Industry Ready For Its 'Game Noir'?

In a hit-driven industry that requires millions of dollars brought to the table just for a title to make the qualifying round, TimeGate Studios designer Steve Gaynor opines that the lessons of film noir will pave the way for games to develop a new and engaging kind of interaction, opening the field beyond just the BioShocks and Halos.

A snippet from the article: "Noir begs game developers to reign in the scope of their production budgets, and the conflicts they depict. The noir approach promises games wherein the player isn't saving the kingdom, world or galaxy; wherein the ubermensch doesn't mow down a thousand men; wherein we can experience familiar settings in a new way, and infuse the everyday with the extraordinary.

The noir approach promises games that are direct, visceral, and intentionally oppose epicness -- games that deliver their entire message with immediacy, before you lose sight of how the story of their interactions began."

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