Q&A: Namco Bandai Talk Wii Fitness With Athletic World

The original Power Pad was originally manufactured by Bandai in Japan under the name "Family Trainer," and was used with a game called Athletic World, which was licensed by Nintendo for production in the U.S. Now Namco Bandai is bringing back a classic. Originally revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show, it's slated for a 2008 release in Japan under the name Family Trainer Athletic World, and in the U.S. as Active Life: Athletic World.

Gamasutra recently spoke to localization producer Naotaka Higashiyama and producer Sayaki Mori, who are working on the minigame-based athletic game for the Wii. It utilizes a foot mat alongside the Wii remote, and as Higashiyama points out, in a nod to the NES Power Pad of yore, players use both the Wii remote and their feet.

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