CVG: The Best PC Mods. Ever

CVG writes:

"The mod is one of PC gaming's greatest achievements. You buy a game, play it to death, and then chances are passion-driven fanatics will release non-commercial content for us to devour. It can extend the life a title for years."

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Lumbo4037d ago

Alien Swarm was indeed very nice.

Silvia0074036d ago

I still play Total Annihilation with all the different content and mods for it.

Bolts4036d ago

RO is probably the best mod of all time for the UT franchise. Good enough to go retail.


What about Day of Defeat for Half Life before it went retail with HL2? They're also missing Rocket Arena and Three Wave CTF for Quake?? Speaking of Quake, how about Urban Terror for Quake 3? This list sucks.

GIJeff4036d ago

Desert combat for BF1942 and the bin slayer for UT. Also, those awesome maps for UT where you are in a bathroom, basement, living room, kitchen are the shiz.