Edge Give Unreal Tournament III PS3: 8/10

Edge writes:

"Despite being the fourth game in the series, this is the third generation of Unreal Tournament, hence the somewhat erroneous title. On the surface, which of course comprises layer upon layer of corroded metal, much of it is familiar. Like Quake 4, there's only one visual trick up its sleeve: the ability to move more stuff at the last game's blistering pace."

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Multigamer4045d ago

cant beleive people were calling this a gears beater, ha

Kleptic4044d ago

The only time this game was compared to gears was when Epic confirmed it looking and running better than Gears on the 360, due to using a newer version of UE3...

and there is no arguing that its the best looking UE3 game to date...not unlikely that Gears 2 will look even better...but its the first console UE3 game to not have texture pop in problems (as long as you install the game)...

mikeslemonade4045d ago

It's hard to review games now that they keep evolving after the game goes gold. Unreal 3 is that kind of game and it will continue to get better with mods. If you buy Unreal 3 next year it's going to be a better game but no reviewer is going to review the game again. There's potential in Unreal 3 and that's why everyone who owns PS3 should buy this. COD4 for me was the greatest game I ever played for a month, but after that the fun part of the game drops severly because I already know the maps backwards and forwards. UT3 gives me a new experience every time I log on with the 55 orignal maps and future mods. I can't wait for the 3rd person mod then it can be truly compared to gears.

xboxrumble4044d ago

froma lot of the reviews it seems they say the game is still the same game you've been playing on pc with view graphical enhancements and such...

I still think gears was a little more fresh the UT and enjoyed the campaign much more.

mighty_douche4044d ago

reviews seem to have a check lits now and unless you tick every little box your game doesnt measure up! UT3 is FUN like what games used to be and what more new games SHOULD be.

AceLuby4044d ago

I would give it a higher 8, around 8.5 as the game is good, but it has been done before. I agree that it will change as time goes on, but as it stands right now the game doesn't deserve higher than a 9.

As far as gears, the SP in gears is way better, but the MP in UT kills gears. They aren't even the same type of game, so to compare them is stupid, they are both good and worth the $$$.

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