Samsung Unveils 31-inch OLED Screen

OLED panels are the next big thing when it comes to TVs and other consumer electronics. The OLED screen promises more compact dimensions, less power consumption and brighter images. Small OLED screens are currently found on some cell phones and LCD TV makers are looking for larger OLED screens to use in HDTVs. Reuters reports that Samsung recently unveiled a 31-inch active-matrix OLED screen. Samsung says it will have a 31-inch OLED prototype TV on display at CES 2008 in January.

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TANOD5991d ago

SAMSUNG and SONY === always win

OLED is the tech of the future


1000 000:1 ===FTW

P4KY B5991d ago (Edited 5991d ago )

Can I get a job too?

+ that is a really smart TV. Samsung and Sony can now print money.

Lord_Mike5991d ago (Edited 5991d ago )

I was planning to get a second HDTV for my home, possible a 50" or more. Now that I've heard of these OLED's, I'll just wait a bit till they release 50 inchers =) Hopefully no longer than 2 years

Darkiewonder5991d ago

Price surge man. especially new tech. Always high for my wallet ;o

6/7 years before I tell my dad to update his HDTV if there's a size that's bigger than 70" ;3

Sexius Maximus5991d ago (Edited 5991d ago )

what the hell ever happened to Laser TVs?? Those were suppose to be just as amazing as OLED, yet really cheap to manufacture.


socomnick5991d ago

Oled is the wrong direction just when people are starting to afford hdtvs they jack up the price for smaller screens . A oled 31 inch probably cost 4 times as much a lcd in the same size.

AceLuby5991d ago

I picked up my 32" LCD at tigerdirect.com for $599 and my 65" DLP for $1599. This tech isn't gonna be worth it for quite a few more years.

Guwapo775991d ago

I welcome the OLEDS to the market with open arms. That way I can get that 52" Sony Bravia XBR4 for cheap. I bought the 40" Bravia XBR3 for $2250 in March. So if I can get the 52" for around $1500, I'd be in heaven.

I can only hope they can flood the market with these wonderful televisions soon.

socomnick5991d ago

Get a Pioneer plasma hands down the best picture quality I have ever seen my cousin gots a 360 hooked up to it.

Guwapo775991d ago (Edited 5991d ago )

I've grown accustomed to LCDs. I was about to buy a plasma TV back in the day, until I learned of the image burning on the screen. Yeah I know, that was back then...but that fear still inside of me till this day even though that problem nolonger happens.


Oh yeah, one more thing, I can't purchase a plasma tv anyways. I'm in the military and they won't ship plasma tvs for some odd reason (never gave any good reason why). I'd hate to sell my TV whenever I change bases. Yeah I know this doesn't apply to most...but thats just my world.

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wallace10005991d ago

Cool tech, but as you guys said i am sure it is going to be very expensive. I just got a 32 inch lcd samy a year ago. I think it will be a long time before i upgrade to something like this, unless i win the lottery :-P


you be alright , full 1080p what more ?

ancient1125990d ago

I'm sure back in the CRT days, we also said something similar when the expensive flatscreens came out: "what more"