Games That Are Good for You..

Laptopical writes:

"No offense, gamers. But the likes of Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, and Assassin's Creed are doing nobody any good but you. And even that last bit is highly debatable. But we won't get into personal views about how big a waste of time and money video games are or are not.

There are games, for instance, to inspire health and wellness, to train business people in the way of the office, or to teach soldiers how to respond in foreign settings, and to educate the young on such complex topics as public policy.

There's a game called Food Force, in which players help during a humanitarian crisis in the Indian Ocean. Another game is called Waste of Space. It vaguely resembles Asteroids, and teaches students the same thing: how bodies act in the vacuum of space. Or there's one called Free Dive, where players "swim" in a 3D simulated underwater world with fish and turtles. This game has been proven to distract children who have chronic pain or are undergoing painful procedures.

My favorite is BT Better Business Game-where the player is a virtual CEO of a company and must learn to manage social interactions and their company's business environment. It's good to be the king."

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macalatus4571d ago games help me save lots of gas money just by staying at home instead of just driving around Los Angeles all the time with friends. I'm not saying I'm shunning out my friends (I do hang out with them once in a while, but not all the time as before) but video games are a good incentive to just stay at home. I save an average of $40-$60 in American currency a month. As a college student, that's a lot.

wiizy4571d ago

buy a wii and get with the program

SpaceCowgirl4571d ago

If anything Guitar Hero is one of the best games available for exercising your brain. Teaching rhythm, fast thinking, reflexes and hand eye coordination like few other games can. I really hope this article was not serious because if it was whoever wrote it needs to stop snorting so much helium.

InMyOpinion4570d ago

What about those japanese rape games?

Chabbs04570d ago

Post Of The Day Award 4 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!