5 Things you will love about Firefox 3

A hands-on Firefox 3 Beta tester discusses what we can look forward to when the new version is released.

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Poisen4041d ago

Firefox is undoubtedly my favorite browser, so I can't wait to download this in 2008. :)
Observe and learn Microsoft.

mighty_douche4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

FireFox really puts M$'s browser to shame, i havent used IE for years.

If only these guys could come up with a complete OS (maybe with a little help from google).

Syko4041d ago

It was great for a while. Now it is just as much trouble and pain in the ass as IE ever was. Hopefully they fix it and clean up all the unsavory problems. I usually use Opera nowadays anyway though.

m91058264041d ago

The won't make an OS unless it's a flavor of Linux. Just use Ubuntu or Red Hat, you'll be much happier than you ever were with Windows.

Bladestar4041d ago

as a programmer... I used all browsers... hell.. I even use Safari for windows... pain in the butt to create cross-browser apps... everytime a new browser comes out is a new problem.. I wish they would stop already.. since all these browsers do they same crap... display websites...

I will not be impressed with any browser (including IE) until a browser comes out with the ability to change w3c standards dynamically... and it's ability to upgrade them...

for example, It would be nice if developers can tell the browser what version of Javascript, DHTML, CSS, HTML, DOM, etc right on the page and prompt users if any of these compontents are not available and how to download it.... that way my 5 years old page does not break because new browser upgraded it's only engine... do it like flash.. do it like the .net framework.. that each version is independent and Isolated.

This is not a hate about firefox... this is a rant for every single browser... sick of it... this is why we are still stuck with old version of javascript and other technologies and browser making company keep giving us the same stupid old crap with preatier UI...

actas1234041d ago

I really don't know what most of the things you mentioned are. But, the reason I use Firefox is because you can change the theme (the look) of the browser, and thats about it. Otherwise they all are the same for me.

BTW, Microsoft are releasing IE 8.0 in 2008 which is good news, as it will probably be a very solid and good looking browser..

tplarkin74040d ago

I use Firefox because it has Adblock.

potenquatro4041d ago

all my music programs cb4,nuendo,a6,tempo,finalcut hdmusic have all been coming with firefox in them since 2005, but i can never fully delete ie or safari from my os's. i can uninstall them but not delete them from the os. if someone is kind enough to tell me how to do this and if i can't. will that present a problem while runing firefox? how good is firefox? and also, i'm not a fanboy but, doesn't safari suck everywere i go is a f$#%ing virus alert.i only use my apple for recording and avoid the web.
ps: off topic i remember asking on this website about building a gaming rig and everybody told me i needed $800plus. i build my own for just $500 without power suply, upgrading to one of those cheap hd ati cards when they get here 2008 be set for atleast 2 years. i would advise anyone planning to build a rig to do it now since i never found it so accesible before. sorry for the long post

mariusmal4041d ago

i used IE for years. but after i discovered FIrefox i fired my IE ehehe. firefox is so great, better bookmarks management, addons, more stable.

XENOCIDE4041d ago

Should have known Firefox was working on something when I read about IE 8 coming soon. Many of my associates working in IT either don't care or want to realize the difference between the 2 browsers but imo Firefox has some significant enough advantages over IE for me to have made the switch.

My girl got me using Firefox about a year back n' I haven't looked back since. My main reason is it's that I can personalize it and actually make it my own via add-ons and themes (MidnightFox anyone?). About the only category in which I prefer IE over FireFox is Internet Options, I seem to be able to find things quicker using IE. If Firefox would just fix their memory problems it'd be a hands down race. But it gets to be so bad at times that (as stated in the article), I have to shut down the browser to keep my other programs from crashing. When you've got winamp playing, nero burning, vlc playing a sample of a movie, etc. n' Firefox with a few windows open it just doesn't know how to act.

I'd very much like to give the beta a spin but I simply cannot do without the new Y! Mail, so I'll have to wait until the bug is fixed or the final build is released.

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The story is too old to be commented.