Techradar: New iPad better than PS3 & 360

The new iPad has some great tech beneath its chassis. It comes equipped with a Retina display (2048 x 1536 pixels) and a A5X processor on board - which Apple is calling 'twice as fast' as Tegra 3, and offers four time the graphics performance of Nvidia's chip.

Because of this, Apple is boasting that it beats the consoles when it comes to gaming.

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badz1494289d ago

that is all I have to say! XD

CarlitoBrigante4289d ago

Angry Birds utilizes 100% of the iPads processor, you know how much processing power those birds take don't you?


these tech sites actually know nothing about gaming thus make up headline grabbing titles

ipad3 may have more memory but how does that make it better? think of a whole package itl never have ds3 or 360 controller, nor halo or uncharted,twisted metal,syphon filter infamous etc

itl never have 4 people sat around a tv screen each with a controller playing online, itl never have hardcore 8+ hour games,itl never have bluray games

tech sites are so blinkered journalism is at an all time low

kerrak4289d ago

Questions for Mr Apple:
1-What's the amount of ram reserved for games?
2-What resolution will games have? What upscaling technique will be used?
3-What input methods will be available?
4-Just in the case the new ipad could run a 2048x1536 30fps detailed game, what kind of battery life should we expect?
5-What new AAA/console like titles can you anounce for your device?

I think i know most of the answers. iPad is an excellent product, but a good gaming machine it is not.

nveenio4289d ago

I'm actually developing a game right now that I'm going to ramp up for this new iPad. I'm hoping I can do all of the extra things I couldn't do before...but I'm afraid that it may still not be strong enough... Though I have no doubt that the PS3 or 360 could do it. Even the Vita. But we'll see, I guess. At least it has a higher resolution, which I'll definitely be using, even if it means I can't add those things I cut.

Boody-Bandit4289d ago

Articles like this are so ridiculous. Why do sites that know nothing about gaming write such drivel? Besides the obvious reason, hits. Games on the iPad are barely as good as shovel ware on handhelds. Seriously, stop already.

pixelsword4289d ago

Nothing says gaming like gaming on an apple product.

*throws up*

MrMister4288d ago

The I-Pad still cant touch a dedicated game console/handheld (no matter how much it sells--people didnt but I-Pad for the games), Because I-Pad doesnt have a medium like discs or cartridges for games. i cant sell my games on it, and the unrestricted access to developers means that we'll also get tons of crappy shovel-ware on a daily basis instead of good, quality games. As much as people hate on Sony, MS, and Nintendo for having strict regulations on development, it at least keeps the kind of crappy shovel-ware we see on web-browser games, Facebook, and Iphone/Pad away from us true gamers (for the most part :/)

Solid_Snake374288d ago

Seriously, f**k you apple. Its the last time i buy an iPad, i bought the ipad 2 two weeks ago. 3 weeks later they announce th iPad 3 ¬¬

ChrisW4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

I don't think you guys understand that PS3 and Xbox360 are 6+ years old technology. Heck, the Vita is comparable to the PS3 in specs and we PRAISE Sony for that.

badz1494288d ago

of course we praise Sony with the Vita because it's truly a gaming device and is very "capable" of gaming to the caliber of PS3 and 360 and then some unlike the iPad and all other smartphones on the market except maybe the Xperia Play which sadly not getting the support it needs to be a hardcore gaming device despite having these things called BUTTONS!

ooh and it cost less too!

InactiveUser4288d ago

Physical buttons?


[/failbait article]

shadow27974288d ago

"i bought an ipad 2 two weeks ago. 3 weeks later they announce th iPad 3"

I've read that several times now, and I still can't wrap my head around the math.

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NewsForSnowflakes4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

You should read the article and not just the headline.

Their actual quote is "the new iPad has a better screen resolution and more memory than both the Xbox 360 and the PS3"

TechRadar has twisted the statement.

Journalism at it's best.

The games won't compare to anything on the PS3 or Xbox no matter how much power they have. And no developer is going to waste time and money creating an awesome looking game just for the iPad 3 owners.

No...they'll make another cheap Angry Birds clone that works on all devices

The_KELRaTH4289d ago

Unfortunately true - there are still only a handful of games / apps that fully support the iPad 2 and I doubt blu-ray quality movies will be readily downloadable for quite some time to come due to bandwidth limitations so TV / film rentals will continue to max at 720p.

Anon19744289d ago

"the new iPad has a better screen resolution and more memory than both the Xbox 360 and the PS3"

Better screen resolution than my 360/PS3? My 360 and PS3's have screens? Funny, I thought I had to hook them up to my television in order to see anything, and TV's are pretty standard.

But I suppose "Better resolution than your tv" would have sounded silly. Obviously an Ipad and a TV are two entirely different things. Much like an Ipad and a 360/PS3.

dark-hollow4289d ago

Lol iPad 3 games would never exceed console games in terms of graphics.

The fact that all games required to tun at that crazy 2000x1500 makes it impossible for the iPad games to reach console quality.

Heck consoles are struggling with only 1280X720 pixels.

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Knight_Cid4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

yeah a little thing called battery and control and dev support

also what 10-50 gig games am I playing on this and downloading? nothing

Hell in terms of gaming it cant even beat a gameboy

quite honestly I would take the original pokemon, links awakening, srw over infinity blade

CarlitoBrigante4289d ago

Lol, you iOS fanboys need to shut the hell up, you guys got introduced to gaming only yesterday, with your Angry Birds and Fruit Ninjas. Your iPads can't even beat PSP graphics wich came out in 2004 let alone the Vita let alone the PS3 and soon the PS4.

Can your iLols produce graphics like KH Birth By Sleep? God of War Ghost of Sparta? FF7 Crisis Core?? Don't say Infinity Blade cuz thats basicallya an on rail tech demo.

Drekken4289d ago

Their argument is that they don't need that depth to be a good game. They think a finger swipe to throw a bird across the screen constitutes as a game. Its just a time waster... I played angry birds while I was on the toilet. I couldn't see myself playing it anywhere else. In conclusion iOS games are perfect when you are crapping.

fear884288d ago

I used to do that when I was a kid, except it wasn't birds, it was pens and paper. Hell we even made Styrofoam cup forts with tmnt figures on top and used rubber bands just like in angry birds. But there's reasons why I don't do that anymore.

1. Because I am an adult.
2. Because even then it was just to waste time.
3. There are better things to do (play).

THC CELL4289d ago

all that power and no great games to play.. xbox/ps3 will always be better as they have all the games we need.. oh and the vita is tip top as it has duel controls front and back touch built in mic and top games incoming. ipad is a gimmick to gaming

Mikhail4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

I think, in terms of gaming, its on par with the capabilities of the PSP and DS but with no controls.

dark-hollow4289d ago

Let's be realistic here.
As pure hardware it almost on par with the vita hardware but the games won't look as good because of the high amount of pixels which tax the CPU/gpu.