Eye of Judgement: Spong Preview - 'pretty addictive stuff'

Spong writes:

"In practice, The Eye of Judgment is a very impressive visual affair, but being the anti-clutter type, I can't see myself getting out the mat, PlayStation Eye and a bunch of cards every time I want to play. But where the game really shouts 'winner' is in the online options, and the potential that it has. Online Tournaments against the world? Check. Downloading new decks and being able to learn new strategies? Why not!?"

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Real Gambler4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

The first expansion pack is planned for release in february.

If you like chess, or if you like other type of card games, this is a game for you!

(guy in the article was not too sure about expansions...)

AceLuby4043d ago

I'm getting this. I love these types of games and the ability to play online would be so sweet.

resistance1004043d ago

Brought this game the other day, as have hundreads of other UK ps3 owners this week, so don't be surprised if this hits the top 40 this week. Why you ask? Game have slashed the price of it to a low low price of £35 in the Jan sales(only a tenner more than the eye by itself), and now its sold out online and in most GAME stores awell


because i need it the playstation eye anyways . I still dont get this game or the rules . someone care to explain ?