Wii Wins 2007 Customers' Choice Award -- Wii, PS3 and 360 Ranked and Rated

The Nintendo Wii was judged the most popular of the big three consoles in 2007, despite extreme shortages of the console in the lead-up to Christmas, according to reviews from genuine purchasers collated by independent review publishers, Reevoo.

The Wii achieved an overall score of 8.78 out of ten, compared with 8.25 for the PlayStation 3 and 7.65 for the Xbox 360. Sony's PlayStation scored highest on value for money, rating 7.96, versus 7.70 for the Wii and 7.15 for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Reviewers praised the Sony console for the integration of a Blu-Ray player, contributing to its leading value for money score. The Wii was praised for its usability, child friendliness and exercise potential. The Xbox 360 scored well for graphics and design, but fared poorly in other areas.

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JokesOnYou4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

"Reviewers praised the Sony console for the integration of a Blu-Ray player, contributing to its leading value for money score. "

"The Wii was praised for its usability, child friendliness and exercise potential in verbatim comments from buyers collated by Reevoo."

"The Xbox 360 scored well for graphics and design, but fared poorly in other areas. One reviewer described it as being "[as] heavy as my nan after she's eaten an entire elephant."

ps3 is best known as a cheap bluray player

wii is best known for appealing to children, soccer moms, non-gamers looking for exercise, lmfao

360 is best know for games(graphics) and design(best gaming console) but its too heavy, since when? oh, I forgot about the powerbrick...oops=


PirateThom4039d ago

So, graphics = games now?

Then, PS3 has the best games due to Uncharted being the best looking console game this year.

m91058264039d ago

It may be a cheap BluRay player, but it's still one of the best there is.

JokesOnYou4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

"The Xbox 360 scored well for graphics...", so what other graphics could they be talking about besides the graphics in 360 games?

uhm, maybe I'm wrong so please explain to me what they were talking about when those surveyed mentioned "graphics"

@#3vvvvvv m9105826, its not that most everybody and their mom doesn't know that the 360 has had a high hardware failure rate *in the past*, but its only sonykids on n4g that dwell on it, and if they have done even a tad bit of research or maybe just from word of mouth from a store clerk, gamer etc. then they know micro has taken steps to fix them, which is why the newer models failure rate is significantly less/closer to normal defect rate than the older models and the avg person is reasonable enough to understand it was a fixable situation, just like sony did with ps2,(sonykids always seemed to forget sony was *sued* and settled for defective ps2's early in its lifecycle how convenient) plus many know there is a 3 yr warranty just in case, which means IF they have a problem they can get it fixed/replaced for free.


BadTaste4039d ago

Where did you did get the idea that this survey was taken in Scotland?

Kyur4ThePain4039d ago

Allow me to quote you:

"the 360 has had a high hardware failure rate *in the past*, but its only sonykids on n4g that dwell on it"

and yet, then you say the following:

"just like sony did with ps2,(sonykids always seemed to forget sony was *sued* and settled for defective ps2's early in its lifecycle how convenient)"

I'll assume you're one of the so-called sonykids you referred to?

JokesOnYou4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Its not like I'm constantly bringing up the fact that ps2 was defective *like sonykids always do* in damm near every 360 topic, my only point is that they are hypocritical in the sense that they shun the 360 as if its inconcievable notion that any company could release a console with high failure rate, when in fact only last gen early in ps2's life cycle it suffered from high failure rates from faulty disc drives, sony would not acknowledge it until they had a class action lawsuit filed against them, finally they settled the case and eventually fixed them. So theres a clear difference here, I ONLY point it out because it seems like a DOUBLE STANDARD behind their thinking, sony was obviously given a second chance and the ps2 went on to do very well despite early problems, but no, no, NOW, obviously when it comes to micro due to their irrational loyalty of anything with a ps logo, 360 is crap, blah blah you know the story, so saying I'm acting the same for simply using a comparison to expose their hypocrisy is just plain silly, I know the truth hurts and it bothers you when someone isn't glorify sony but seriously try harder next time

#1.4 Bad taste, I asked if it was a survey in from Scotland simply because at the end of the news it talks about a online ad/video from Reevo with a "Scottish teen" opening a present. I'm not sure where this is from but from the other link to the Reevo site, I'm pretty sure its not American.


HarryEtTubMan4038d ago

What it really is... is these Xbots like "Jokes on Him" actually believe that because his console of choice has been out a year more and has a little more... well everything... that the Playstation 3 isn't a game macine... its not gonna have the best games in 2008 and probally beyond (Gears of War 2 is the only kinda big game left). Its called either naivity or denial. Maybe just stupidity but the Playstation 2 also had a learning curve... like it or not the Playstation 3's games will look better in the future and according to Gametrailers, Ign and Ripten already do right now with Uncharted.... I highly doubt they were just lieing for the Playstation 3.. yes at the end of year one it has begun to prove itself somewhat... 2008 is gonna be a different story. The point is the Playstation 3 has EVERYTHING you could want out of a gaming system... HD formats(who wouldnt want the 400$ winning format thrown in besides a hater a.k.a someone who bought a 360. haha) builkt in Wifi(costs 100$ on the RRODbox) Reliability(HUGE plus for the PS3 even though dumb bots pretend like its not real)...the biggest franchises ARE on PS3. Sony is also working on ALOT of new Ip's and bringing back the classics. Final Fantasy 13 and Gran Turismo 5 and both in the top 10 franchises of all time.... Metal Gear solid is number 19(FF is number 3 and GT is 10), God of War will be on that list after God of War 3.... its gonna be HUGE... The Playstation 3 is also the ONLY console getting a NEW Rockstar Exclusive IP!!!(L.A. Noire) But guess what??? After that the PS3 gets even another and they are said to both be new Ip's.!!!! Also getting GTA4 HAA. Killzone 2 is gonna be Killzone 2. Like it or not(I cant freaking wait) I guarantee they doing EVERYTHING they can to make this a stellar gaming experience.... I read the developers blogs and they dont hype it AT ALLLLL... they always say...." you will see when it releases" They say the Multiplayer will be HUGE and VERY INTENSE. Metal gear Online. Playstation Home. PSN is begin remodled in 2008... Sony says to "directly compete with XBL and iTunes.... and as of now... its really just as good unless u actually are 14, a nerd, and care about your gamerscore...I have a 360 and dont give a crap.. but I also own a PS3 and will be getting 3D trophys!!!) Socom(see the quality of PSN downloads are wayyyyyy better!!! Little Big Planet, Warhawk, Metal Gear Online, NCSoft MMO's....much more)

What it really is... is these DUMB Xbots are still trying to make there precious litle JUNKBOX relevant to the Playstation 3... which its just not... you bought a system with HONESTLY and TRUELY not that many good games now. No more Bischok/ Mass Effect and Gaylo. PS3 has a BUTTLOAD of great games coming and a ton we dont even know of...all the good Sony franchises(they are the 3-4 biggest publisher i the world only behind EA, Activision, Ubisoft)

You lose dumb Xbot. PS3 has online browsing for game surfing/ cheats/ walkthroughs/ A MUCH greater game diverstiy... but while still having some good Sci Fi/ FPS's here and coming. Call of Duty 4. Your console is the RROD. Command and Conquer.... OOPS I mean Halo Wars looks like CRAP. I HAVE A 360 AND ITS A JOKE. IT LOOKS GAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY.

I love how you idiots try to prove to yourself that all of the sudden the console that JUST OUTSOLD THE RRODbox THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS... well, it really isnt a game machine... yea, you know that Playstation thing... that sold 110 million on the first try and 130 million on the second try and will STILL EASILY break 100 million in the PS3's lifetime... yea all these 9 million people that bought PS3's dont really play games... they watch movies... and the milloins that will be sold in 2008 to lay MGS4, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet.... well they are just joking also... they really wish to being playing Halo, Mass Effect and Bioscock but obviously got confused and bought the wrong console.... Just like you morons ACTUALLY believe the 360 will even sale 60 million this generation hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah ahhhahaha NOT A CHANCE IN H3LL.

Keep on keepin' on Jokes on you. No one listens to you stupid "Xbox is the only games machine"(although has only sold 25 million on Xbox 1 and wont do too much better on the second).... what the Xbox 360 is.... is a good alternative to PC GAMING. PERRIOOOOOOOOD. It will never be the gaming machine the Playstation 3 is... you can keep telling yourself that(its not even close to the truth) but its not gonna change the million and hundreds of millions that play Playstaion and love TRUE console gaming and console EXCLSIVES. Not Excluvievs/ really a PC Game. Get over it douche master... I dont care to read a BS Essay respnse either... YOU ARE FULL OF SH!T AND ALL US PLAYSTATION FANS DONT GIVE A SH!t!!!!! I OWN A RROD JUNK, FAKE CONSOLE 360.(Gamertag: get shank d) PS3 has waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more for your money... way more games coming... way moroe power!!! It is the better system and just like it just kicked the 360's butt at 399$-499$... Its only gonna get better and better as the price drops, Blu Ray becomes the nest format... all these awesome games continue to drop,PSN and XMB are remodled, PS Home is implmented... remember Sony isnt on your litle schedule. They will release it when its right... it didnt stop the PS3 from PWNing the 360 already??? AM I RIGHT? Yes. I am. PS3 is gonna own that little junk console. Only been out a year. 9 more to go. I love my Playstation 3. 2008 is gonna be a good year.(As was it for the 9 million that already have a PS3 and it also ended better than I thinkSony thought it would! Kicking Microsfts tush with "NO GAMES" at a wayyyy higher price with PSN, PS HOME , Price drops, and games ,games, games coming in 2008 and WAYYY even more in 2009 hahahahahahhahahah. If u think a little price drop for the 360 is going to help somehow... its already the price of the Wii... it should already be beating a 399$-499$ PS3. IT'S JUST NOT. PEOPLE WANT THE PLAYSTATION 3 AND U WILL KNOW THIS WHEN THE PRICE DROPS AND ITS OUTSELLING THE Wii IN 2 YEARS AT A 250$ OR BELOW PRICE! HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA JOKES ON YOU IS RETARDED Xbot with nothing to look forward but NG2, Alan Wake, Halo Wars and Fable HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAA GET PWND DOUCHE BAG

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mighty_douche4039d ago

Wii wins everything!

The others are just fighting for second place.

m91058264039d ago

I'm surprised there was no mention of the RROD. I can't believe that the average person hasn't at least heard about the problem, it was in Consumer Report.

xboxrumble4039d ago

a cheap blu-ray player, is how Sony ps3 has becomed synonymous with the general public.

the wii is dead on point as with the xbox 360.

even square is asking sony, whattalit Be? movie player 1st or gaming console 2nd?

good thing other consoles are games first, while not perfect.

LinuxGuru4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

That stupid talking point is over and done with.

There are great games available and coming soon to the PS3, so quit your bellyaching and stop preaching that overly-sung song.

The PS3 is a gaming machine.

Square Enix needs to shut their traps and return to worrying about game development.

The fact of the matter, is that the PS3 is a great blu-ray player, and it will always remain so, because of its ability to be upgraded through firmware.

Anyways, I am tired of people saying "does it play games too?" (It's only called PLAYstation, for f*ck's sake)

Go jump off a freaking bridge.


Oh, and what about the huge advantage that 50GB gives to game developers in terms of storage space? Even Blu-Ray just by ITSELF is helping to enable developers to make the PS3 even MORE of a gaming machine!

At below:

And a poor DVD player at that!

Kyur4ThePain4039d ago

I need you to help me with something.
I can't figure out whether the 360 is a game console first, or an overpriced DVD player.

Please tell me how you would make the distinction.

xboxrumble4039d ago

When a xbox fan buys the console they are buying to play games more than to watch DVD's. I know like 8 people tha t bought a ps3 just to watch movies.

I doubt you'll get the everage joe looking to buy an xbox 360 just to watch movies but it happens to the Ps3 every day. Part of the reason software sales are so low.

sony does not really know who the real gamers are with its install-base. low software sales and high movie sales tells us otherwise what the ps3 is being used as..

360 has insane software sales.. and those that buy the hd-dvd attach ment, we can say, actually play games and have the intent of watching movies since there are cheaper Hd-dvd players out there, you'd be a fool to buy a 360 plus the Hd-dvd attachment for just movies.

v1c1ous4039d ago


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