"Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom" Demo Impressions, 12.28.07 - By Alex Riviello:

"Sometimes it amazes me that some companies allow demos to be made of their games, especially for the current line of consoles. When practically the entire userbase can download a sample of the game, you'd think that if you didn't have anything special to show off you'd keep it hidden from people.

Case in point, that new Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom demo that just appeared on Xbox Live... it sure is a piece of work."

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INehalemEXI4038d ago

This demo was fun and he said mashing buttons furiously ... The sp meter doesnt allow you to mash buttons furiously. You have to use sp wisely you can't just mash like N3 , or Dynasty Warriors etc.

I think this is a good game for its genre though it is a bit to linear and the environments had to much jaggies and not the greatest textures. There where phat lewtz and fun gameplay IMO.

BulletToothDave4038d ago

He quit the demo after a few battles then he decides to write a review of! This guy even played it on a SD tv. I liked the demo alot because I played it all the way through and figured out the game.

BulletToothDave4038d ago

****Here is my impressions of the demo that i posted earlier****

All in all, I think I will definitely be buying this game. Here's what I thought.

1. Each character has their own story line,cut scenes, weapons and play style that make the game worth playing over with new characters. I played the demo with both characters and was surprised how different it was, especially considering they were both melee characters.

2. The graphics and destructible objects are really good for this type of game. It is no Gears or COD4 but they work perfect. The real time cutscenes are very impressive.

3. The storyline is actually interesting.

4. A whole lot of weapons and armor in the game. I love the fact that you are constantly changing or upgrading your character.

5. A very simple level up process. This is definitely an RPG but it doesn't have the super complicated/time consuming leveling process that other RPGs have leaving the game more action based.

6. Long demo.

1. With some characters, you will have to level up a bit before you can kick some major ass. The slow strong one took me about 30 minutes before I came up with the right weapon/level combo where he was tearing it up.

2. The demo was not 4 player co-op like the game, so I do not know how smooth the online will be.

3. Kinda long tutorial. It might turn some people off right away. It took me about 15 minutes to do it completely.

4. You get to the end of the demo and there is this huge bad ass boss and right when you are about to fight it, it tells you to buy the game!! I was so pissed!

Komrad4037d ago

thanks! bubs for you & Talv!

IGNFTW4038d ago


Talvish4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Here are my comments:

a) Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. I consider this one of those 'stress reliever' games. Not hard on the hands or head, but great fun and probably better in coop (up to 4 players).
b) Has strong RPG elements, though they aren't terribly deep, at least in the demo. On leveling you increase HP, skill and luck... skill level impacts ability to quickly use weapons and spells.
c) Is similar to but deeper than Ninety-Nine Nights.
d) This game seems to have some great environments and character design.
e) There is no blocking, but you seem to have a large variety of weapons and spells, and you can synthesize abilities together (didn't get into this too much, but it is an interesting idea)
e) The 'areas' are randomly generted (great for replay), not terribly large and the game, at least in the demo, feels linear.

So all-in-all, it feels like a cross between Diablo and Ninety-Nine-Nights. I loved Diable and liked Ninety-Nine-Nights, and it would appear this game is going to sit somewhere between the two. I was waiting for the demo, and after the demo I can say that the 'cost per entertaiment hour' will seem to be just fine, so this will be a purchase for me.

As a note, I do enjoy RPGs.

JokesOnYou4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

when I get back home, I'll download the demo and give it a try for myself,


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