Analysis: Why We Love Wii

Edge - 26 December 2007:

In the first of a new series, Piers Harding-Rolls, senior games analyst at Screen Digest, looks at how and why the industry (i.e., third-party publishers) has fallen in love with Wii.

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bym051d4044d ago

1. Because any shovelware you make for it sells.

kobonline4044d ago

Nobody buys Wii games.

I think that claim is being debunked now that some 3rd parties are actually making profit and more importantly starting to make better games.

wiizy4043d ago

cause the wii is the only innovative console out there

JasonX434038d ago

You call stripping down their left over GameCubes(And there were alot of 'em!), putting it in a new casing, slightly tweaking the GPU, and adding in a motion sensor controller innovation? Innovation was when Sony brough gaming out of niche' stores and toy aisles into the mainstream. Innovation was when MicroSoft decided to put a HDD in the original XBox. Sales don't make the Wii an innovation, it makes it a fad because now my favorite hobby is crowded with a bunch of dead weight casual gamers that I hope haven't ruined it so that devs think they need to flood the market with a bunch of stupid casual games with no story, and no goal accept entertaining them to get their money off cheap games!