411's Top 10 Fighting Games Ever

From 2D fighters to 3D fighters, there have been a lot of fun fighters out there, but what are the ten best? 411's Derek Robbins ranks his top 10 favorite fighting games of all time. (12.28.2007)

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BloodySinner4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Weak list.

Soul Calibur I & II, Killer Instinct I & 2, Tekken 3 & 5, Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate... the list goes on. Those should have been a part of this list or something.

phoenixtilt4039d ago

yeah i agree with you that list sucked...they missed so much stuff on there.. DEAD or Alive any of them. Killer instinct, what about a mortal kombat

Ri0tSquad4039d ago

I stopped reading when I seen Marvel VS Capcom 2. That game is broken.

HeartlesskizZ4039d ago

I think they only name fighters the played but anyhow who haven't play MK or KI?

BloodySinner4039d ago

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

AAACE54039d ago

That's the worst list I have ever seen! A few titles on there deserved to be there... but overall... the list is horrible!

No dead or alive to be found. To me that's the best fighting franchise ever created. I wouldn't could have accepted it getting the number 10 spot... but to not be mentioned at all... is just disrespectful!

Most of them are 2-D fighters. I spent my fair share of time playing most of these games, but in no way can I consider any of the games on that list to be greatest fighters ever! If any of them... I would have to say Soul Caliber, but only the first one... the second and third didn't play as great.

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