Surfer Girl's December 27th things: Avatar

Surfer Girl on the movie game that is based on James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi epic, Avatar, set for release in 2009.

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Jdash244043d ago

i dont pay THAT much attention to who reviewers/bloggers of games uhh who is the surfer girl and why does she matter?

thanks in advance for whoever can inform me :)

Devr4043d ago

She claims to be an industry mole. She's one of the people who supplies magazines and websites with their rumor stuff. Many people think she's a fake, but she's gotten a few predictions right. In my opinion, she's telling the truth. And if she's not, she'll be forgotten by the end of 2008 when people notice none of her predictions were real.

TheTwelve4043d ago

Please give me examples of predictions she's gotten right. Inquiring minds want to know.----12

Darkiewonder4042d ago


I wonder if she based the Avatar game off a sci-fi/fantasy mmo because it's like take one part Star Wars, one part RPG, one part this and that and call it a day.

Oh btw.
Disney will co-develop and movie game mmo. expect it 2010 [You heard it here first]

KidMakeshift4042d ago

Avatar is based off Battle Angel Alita, right?

There's a live action version of Blood: The Last Vampire coming out next year too

ktchong4042d ago

James Cameron's Avatar is basically "Dances with Wolves" in space, in which humans are the bad guys colonizing and polluting a foreign planet, subduing and exploiting poor innocent peaceful primitive indigenous sentient aliens that are still in early stage of civilization. One human would join the oppressed alien race, rise up and stand against the rest of the evil human race to save and preserve the planet... um, yeah. It has a heavy dose of eco/environment message.

I came across the script awhile ago.)

KidMakeshift4042d ago

All I know is that he's making a film adaptation of the manga. He's working on multiple films at the moment, so I'm not sure which is which