Condemned 2: Bloodshot Boxart Revealed

SEGA UK has released the official Boxart for it's upcoming horror game, Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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Heaven_Or_Hell4039d ago

Manhunt 2 style...
IMO, not the best to date...

LinuxGuru4039d ago


That's kinda creepy, no?

Skerj4039d ago

I like it, I hope the forensics aspects are as good as they said they've made them this go round. I guess I gotta go through the original again to get up to speed.

Prismo_Fillusion4039d ago

Creepy, but in terms of its artistic value...there isn't much.

LinuxGuru4039d ago

right.....the actual eye itself is kinda....boring?

So is all the empty space around the coulda used some more....something!


LinuxGuru4039d ago

Also, the condemned logo on top just doesn't mesh nicely with the rest of the box.

White logo looks kinda plain :\

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The story is too old to be commented.