Physical therapists prescribe Wii time

LOS ANGELES - Franklin Perry used to spend hours performing video game feats with his thumbs but lately he has been using the Nintendo Wii, and the rest of his body, to regain his strength after suffering a stroke.

The 51-year-old, who had a stroke about three weeks ago, has been working hard to rebuild the muscles in his immobilized right side at Ohio State University Medical Center's Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Hospital in Columbus.

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LinuxGuru4042d ago

Some Wii games require quick joint movements....I would think that would be a little too painful or even dangerous for people who are still in physical therapy.

BrianC62344041d ago

Hmm, I thought Physical therapists are smarter than this. Even they seem to buy into the hype. They better watch out or their wallets could soon be much, much lighter. The Wii is very dangerous. A lot of people seem to be getting injured using the Wii. Not exactly what I'd call a good idea using it for physical therapy. Stick to the old methods therapists.

LanRanger4041d ago

Unless the physical therapist is criminally incompetent they take the patient's health and the game in question into account, and show them specific ways of doing the movement.

wiizy4041d ago

nintendo and wii deserves that honor