VG Chartz Report: Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 22nd, 2007

Data for the biggest week of 2007 is now completely up to date. In the Americas, the week ending December 22, 2007 was the last full week before Christmas – and as a result, it is the peak of sales for this year, and it will undoubtedly be among the peak weeks of this generation in the Americas. Heading into the holiday season, it looked as if the industry would break many records, and with just about all of the sales for 2007 now available, there is no longer any doubt that the industry saw a record breaking year for both hardware and software sales.

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Anything but Cute4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

I just like how that sounds.

JokesOnYou4040d ago

Vg chartz:

" Resistance: Fall of Man will become the first PS3 title to break the 1.0 million sold barrier (just in the Americas). It will happen either next week, or the following week"

damm, its been a whole yr and NO ps3 game has broken a mil in the biggest(US) market for gaming yet. WOW! oh well things will pick up in 2008=


consolewar4039d ago

just wait till 2008 the Ps3 is gonna blow everything out of the water.
You don't trust me, just wait.


Guwapo774039d ago

thats not bad many PS3s sold in the US? Roughly 3million? I'd say thats not a bad ratio if I do say so myself.

superman4039d ago

Good to see Zack and wiki sell at least 130,000.

krackchap4039d ago

lol look at the bots who approved this

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jaja14344039d ago

Enh? Granted the people listed tend to lean towards the 360 side of things, but it's the VGA charts, not some off the wall website saying which system is better. Just seems like your trying to grasp for some sort of insult here when really there is no reason too.

These VGA posts get posted every time a new one comes out. Does it really matter if it was by a PS3/360 fan?

Kaneda4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

You don't have to WAIT for your 360 to ship back to you? RROD...

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