7 Ways Modern Games are Spoiling us

OMGLists writes:

"Before this generation, gaming gave us quite a bit of pain to suffer through before enjoying the pleasure. Nowadays, it seems as though we're being served everything we wished for on a silver platter. Here's seven new advances in gaming that have made us happier, yet lazier."

7- Open Worlds
6- Online Matchmaking
5- Console Based Web Browsing
4- Roster Updates
3- Easy Saving
2- Downloadable Games
1- Wireless Controllers

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LinuxGuru4044d ago

May the spoiling continue!


Bombomb4044d ago

GRAPHICS, thats all people care about, it's not so much about gameplay anymore.

My console is better than yours because it has more 3 more pixels.

PS360WII4044d ago

Yea that is being spoiled ;)

I wouldn't mind the saving one to be gotten rid of for a few titles. I like that extra challenge of not being able to save where ever when ever.

AceLuby4044d ago

I remember in RE2 how you could get bonuses and better scores by not saving. When I first got it I didn't have a memory card, so when I died I had to start over. When I actually beat it I felt like I accomplished something.