ScrewAttack - Video Game Vault: Power Stone

In this episode of GameTrailers' ScrewAttack, they discuss the awesome brawler known as Power Stone that was released on the late but still awesome Sega DreamCast.

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BloodySinner4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Please, Capcom?

However, I do get the impression Capcom WILL (and SHOULD!) revive this classic if their new SFIV GFX engine becomes successful. Hell, I could also imagine other Capcom brawlers (Darkstalkers, anyone?) being revived if this engine proves its worth.

I guess we will have to wait and see...

Tarmgar4570d ago

It's about [email protected] time they review this game. It was such and awesome freaking game that went on a console that died too soon and was forgotten ever since. This and Power Stone 2 were my favorite games on the Dreamcast.

RudeSole Devil4570d ago

One of the best, I own this for my Naomi arcade cabinet and I still play it today. BTW the Dream Cast port is arcade perfect, I've compared them both side by side. Great system !!!!