Don't be Fooled by Fake Prototype Images Going Around

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"Sadly, whenever a big story breaks, every scammer on the planet tries to find a new angle. That has happened with the news of Microsoft working on a motion-sensing controller add-on for the Xbox 360. Don't be fooled by fake images.

Below are images of the original motion-sensing prototypes that Gyration had designed for the Wii in 2001. For some reason, misinformed people are posting these images as the "new controller". Considering Gyrations is rumored to be working on an add-on, not a controller, that should be people's first clue. Also considering the images have been around for six years, well that should be another clue.

Images below are from 2001. They are not new."

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HeartlesskizZ4041d ago

Playing Bioshock or Mass effect with sensing could be fun + for the game
so why is there a hate towards MS considering getting motion controllers?

is fun and fun should be for all...

InMyOpinion4041d ago

I'm sorry, but in what way would Mass Effect benefit from motion sensing??

sonarus4041d ago

playing games with motion sensing should be fun. lol ppls opinions for motion controls already starting to change. i thought sixaxis in lair sucked but the game sucked on a whole. Then there was ratchet and clank with very fine 6 axis use. But to everyone 6axis is unnecessary and bla bla now xbots cnt wait to get their hands on it. Also remember how everyone made a fuss when sony announced rumble but its cool as msoft gets motion controllers cus its msoft.
Anyway overall i'm happy with 6 axis becoming standard more devs will apply depth to motion sensing controls. xbox360 motion sensing even has a chance to be better than ps3's but we'll see

vgn244041d ago

Anyways, this is just saying that the images people are seeing around the net aren't of the new hardware.

HeartlesskizZ4041d ago

yep plus I don't recall any official news from MS about this or did I missed it?

BloodySinner4041d ago

And all the PS3 fanboys who were talking trash have been put to shame. -

I won't even name them. Not worth the time or the read, for that matter.

WIIIS14041d ago

PS3 fanboys making fools of themselves is nothing new. It became a habit with them since pre-PS3 launch.

Biphter4041d ago

And the biggest Xbox 360/HDDVD fanboy and Sony Hater on this site.

BloodySinner4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

The user who tipsed the story was applenplum. Bloodmask simply found it in the tips section as a piece of a news (like all Contributors of this site do including myself) and decided to make it public. Is that a crime now?

Shaka2K64041d ago

Damn that was the hottest controler i saw in my life to bad they cancell it beacuase of all the internet hate and anti-Sony foece went in full force on that one.

anyways Sixaxis is the most confortable gaming controler in the history of gaming but that protope looked like the best way to improve it looked so cool and futuristic.

i love Sony they make the hottest products in the world.

GunShotEddy4041d ago

Who canceled what? The Wii prototype from 2001? Nope, not canceled. Actually, I think it's whooping everyone's tail right now.

KillJoi994040d ago

try the 360 controler then. Ill give you props, the six axis is nice and light, but the 360's just sits really smoothly and I son't like te thumbstick placement of the six axis.

GunShotEddy4041d ago

I knew those images looked familiar. So quick skip to XF and bam. Debunked.

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The story is too old to be commented.