Simple 2000: Japanesse Hardware Charts

Selling 330,000 copies of Mario Party DS a week in Japan is impressive, to say the least, but when the nation is snapping up nearly as many Nintendo DS handhelds in the same time frame, it goes a long to explaining the resurgence. Final Fantasy IV's portable availability probably didn't hurt.

* Nintendo DS Lite - 279,551
* Wii - 232,907
* PSP - 171,804
* PlayStation 3 - 58,167
* PlayStation 2 - 20,391
* Xbox 360 - 7,908

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Rikitatsu4041d ago

Wii and DS are on a Rampage as always, PS2 is still alive, i am amazed!!
xbox360 is Selling less than last week no ? too bad

WilliamRLBaker4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Oppps wrong

what retards..a disagree with an wrong reply? and no one read the original it was up for 2 seconds.

socomnick4041d ago

Microsoft should just quit in japan its not like we Japan is really needed they should use those resources in Europe as North America is already pretty good.

Primetimebt4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

You ever heard of Sega? They had the majority of consoles sold in america, and europe but were dominated in japan by Nintendo and in the end lost to Nintendo. Don't say Japan it's needed because at the end of console war they make up 25-30% of the market.

Bladestar4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

If you logic is correct.. then companies should only concentrate on the regions they are doing well... that means Sony should also quit in Japan... since by the look at how the wii is rapping Sony and Microsoft Sony does not look good at all...

ohh and SOny should quit in America.. since they are losing in terms of hardware and software and that gap in the US is not 40K... but on the hundres of thousands and the software side of things by the millions...

I find it funny how Sony fanboys are always making fun at how bad the xbox 360 is doing in japan... and try to ignore at how bad the PS3 is also doing... of course the xbox 360 is doing bad... but that does not mean the PS3 is doing good... the wii beat the PS3 almost by 200,000! yeah.. sure and the xbox 360 too... but we all knew that...

At this point... the PS3 is not dominating any region... not even in terms of software... I mean... look... Japan care more for wiifit than one of the PS3 biggest games... Grand Turismo... that how good the PS3 is doing in Japan.

and yeah... PS3 sells dropped from 63,720 (previous week).

Anything but Cute4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

you're the 360 fanboy that actually cries about things. The reality is that both PS3 and 360 should just quit then. Because the Wii is raping everything worldwide and in every region.

Wii already raped 360 and it's been out half the time. What does that tell you?

TANOD4041d ago

PS3 outsold x360 7:1 in JAPAN

PS3 costs 2x as much as x360 in JAPAN

X360 should also quit EU and you should also quit writing crap

expect more miseries when DMC 4 is launched.

PS3 might outsell x360 100:1 that week

WilliamRLBaker4041d ago

....yeah...learn some history before you mouth off....the sega master system and genesis sales in america and europe nearly won it half the market over nes and snes, and ninty had major sales in all 3 major regions.....

So dont compare microsoft to SEGA, SEGA fell because of retarded ideas and and stupid advertising structures at the end (and some sony lies).

consolewar4041d ago

Fanboy wars yay.

by the way I love the "hang in there 360" that was funny.

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nevelo074041d ago

japan sees right threw the 360's crap and 360 gamers buy whatever crap hits the console to get acheivments not because its so many good games,

Mr VideoGames4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

kinda like when you buy whatever Crap hits the PS3 cause there's nothing to play.

and the Japanese are very ill-minded at times all they play is Arcade Games until they keel over and Die, the 360 is selling big in North America and Europe and that's all that Matters, Japan doesn't give a Sh*t about Consoles, there Country is going downhill on everything very quickly all be surprised if there not having problems (there having problems now) by your research if you don't believe.

Japan can go sink itself under the Ocean and nobody would care The Economy (if not all of it) lies in America.

rofldings4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

"Japan can go sink itself under the Ocean and nobody would care The Economy (if not all of it) lies in America. "

Is that why Japan is the second largest economy in the world?

If anything, the US's economy is a sinking ship and you can thank our brainless "leaders" Even the Canadian dollar is now worth more than ours.

btw, last I checked ... Europe = PS3 land.

wiizy4041d ago

losers.. wii will win this generation by a long shot

TANOD4041d ago

when MGS4 is launched Wii will be nowhere in sight

even DMC4 launch will see PS3 sales surge by massive amounts

Night4ll4041d ago

When MGS4 comes around and Wii is still on top will that change ur mind, will u stop talking trash... I don't think so... I remember there were people saying Halo 3 would put a stop to the Wii... I honestly don't think MGS4 will make a difference.

Look the PS3 is a great system, so is the 360 and so is the Wii... let us gamers enjoy our consoles.

ravinash4041d ago

Its a totally different market.
Its aimmed at people who don't usally use consoles, families and young kids.
Most games on PS3 and 360 are rather violent and I wouldn't want my young kids (12 and under) playing them.
Plus I think parents like the idea that the kid is moving round more why playing on the Wii than they would on the other ones.
Its fine by me, because in the years to come, these same kids are going to be looking for new stuff to play, and they'll probably want something with better graphics.

PS360WII4041d ago

I love how you use fad as a bad thing. Fads sell the most, get the most attention, and get the most people wanting it. MS and Sony want the 360 and PS3 to be fads. These are consoles 5 year life expectancy possibly more. Perfect timing for a fad. DS was a fad now it's a phenomenon and will end up with more life time sales than the PS2.

Anyway good numbers for some eh? Wii & DS doing what we all know it's going to do in Japan and PSP having a great 2nd wind. Did that Patapa game sell any better? That looks like a fun game.

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Darkiewonder4041d ago

Makes you wonder what Japan really wants nowadays ;3

cooke154041d ago

:| there are far more casual gamers on earth than those who play platform adventure games. and SMG is selling VERY well, its sales have been increasing not decreasing like most games do after being on the market for 2 months.

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