DPAD Game of the Year Awards (Microsoft)

Microsoft had one of the best software line-up's any console has ever seen. That said, this should be an interesting Game of the Year awards with plenty of titles to choose from and of course, argue about. So check out what DPAD's own Australia, Bill, MuRRaY, and robertj15 picked as this years victors.

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Zhuk4039d ago

2007 truly was the greatest lineup in history Only on Xbox 360, creating a perfect storm of home entertainment for Xbox 360 gamers.

Any GOTY must have at least 90% Xbox 360 titles for it to be considered legitimate

WIIIS14039d ago

Industry watchers have already voiced out that 2007 might well have been the best year for gamers ever. Quite clearly, much of that phenomenon is attributable to the great efforts from Microsoft and to some extent Nintendo.

fury4039d ago

...and so are it's games. most of the goty awards go to 360. that proves once again how quality packed 360 games are.

game on. (XBOX360)

socomnick4039d ago

Yea I cant remember ever buying so many games in one year. I must have bought 20 to 30 xbox 360 games this year.

BloodySinner4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

You're telling me... and I still HAVEN'T bought Mass Effect!

fury4039d ago

and now I am down and out. I can't remember a day where I didn't turn on my 360; there were always games to play.

WIIIS14039d ago

In 1.5 years, I have bought over 30 360 games. Like many 360 gamers, rarely does a day pass when I do not switch on the 360 to play a game from the vast library for at least an hour. To be fair, I now have the PS3 too and I switch it on almost every day too to do stuff on it that I can't do on the 360 such as surfing the net, watching a blu-ray movie or replaying NGS.

numba1baller4039d ago

there were so my 360 games this year i bought a elite and i got like 10 aaa games

green4039d ago

Just got Mass Effect and PGR4.Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite game.
Will get COD4 and HALO 3 soon.We were really spoiled for choice this year.

v1c1ous4039d ago

i pray this website doesnt get too popular, or this **** would get worse before it gets better.

where is the creator of this site or administrators?

green4039d ago

Why are sony fanboys so angry?whats with the disagrees?This site is becoming ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.