Motorstorm Crosses 2 Million Sales Mark on PS3

According to the latest VGCharts Motorstorm has crossed the 2 million sales mark. It is to be noted, however, that the PS3 SKUs bundled with Motorstorm have a big hand in this.

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Blademask5636d ago

Which is like saying 'according to my little sister'

socomnick5636d ago

This is bs though if you include a game with the system of course it will reach 2 million I doubt it would have hit 2 million if not bundled. This is a garbage half completed game.

actionjackson5636d ago

Tell that to Nintendo with Super Mario Bros.

AuburnTiger5635d ago

Well in that case you could say that the only reason why Vista is selling is because of Dell, gateway and HP.

MADGameR5635d ago

Because the 80GB PS3 will have a HUGE tax so it will all add up anyway!

jack who5636d ago

good and it only took it 2years

Sevir045636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

motorstorm release december 16th 2006 in japan. march 6th 2007 in the Us and march 24 in UK/AU/EU... and sold 1 million about 1 month after it went global.

motorstorm 2 will be awesome, much more than the first ever was

edit @ Socomnick.

Who the F*ck was talking about overratted Halo in this thread... halo sold on hype there isn't many games on this planet that can sell with that kind of force beside GTA, GT, MGS and FF and maybe kingdom hearts...

Please leave the fanboi shinanigans out of this... motorstorm sold 2 million it great it did it in a little over a year of it's release.

if you cant understand that most games wont sell dont sell on halo hype to have market success. please go play Halo. and stop trolling you TWAT.

socomnick5636d ago

Halo 3 took 24 hours to reach and surpass that statistic.

hotshot1275636d ago

ps3 launched november 2006.
it is now december 2007.

motorstorm came march of 2007.
again it is now december of 2007.......................... ............I SAY THIS ALOT BUT THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST COMMENT IVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE.

ignore "click"

ActionBastard5636d ago

Halo 3 disappointed far more people than Motorstorm ever could. Enjoy your Game Fuel.

ambientFLIER5635d ago

Lol, Halo didn't sell 2 million in 24 hours, they sold that much through pre-orders before the game even officially came out :)

Zool 085635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

And the graphics on motorstorm are superior to halo 3

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Panthers5636d ago

2 year? The PS3 hasnt even been out that long...

hotshot1275636d ago

omg i cant believe this ludacris that im hearing today.

first jack who's comment and now your's

how are you going to compare halo3 to a new ip racing game. omg im almost crying just to know the world has idiots like you and jack who in it.

so did you know that grandturismo 3 sold 13million plus copies.


socomnick5635d ago

if grand turismo sold that much in 24 hours im impressed but if thats its total sales im not the ps2 has a huge install base. Halo 3 managed to sell way over 2 million in 24 hours with a install base only around 12-16 million.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI5635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

Take into consideration that

1)Motorstorm was a new ip
2)Its racing (fps is bigger than racing)
3)Install base of ps3 in comparison to 360.
4)Halo is a lot bigger and it had a lot more hype.

Thats more than enough reasons to justify the sales difference.

Well yeah, that too. I forgot to mention that, my brother was bothering me so I was typing it under pressure.

socomnick5635d ago

Hellbringer also take into consideration that Motorstorm is is bundled in with the ps3.

Darrius Cole5635d ago

I'm not so sure that FPS is bigger than racing. There are a lot of racing titles out there and they sell in every territory. FPS sell primarily in the US and Europe.

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