English darts player James Wade's Wii injury signals worrying first

The Daily Telegraph, 27/12/2007 -- Playing his second-round game in the PDC World Darts Championship on Boxing Day, James Wade complained of stiffness in his back and shoulders, a reduced flexibility that was affecting his chucking. Unsure as to why he had felt so shorn of his usual suppleness, Wade racked his brains to remember if he had done anything unusual in the previous 24 hours. Then it dawned on him. He had been given a Nintendo Wii for Christmas.

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Blademask4578d ago

stop crying. This guy has a cush 'job' screws up. then blames it on the wii.

Only Issue I had with a wii, was tossing the wiiremote. and it was more my TV's problem

Capt CHAOS4577d ago

The only problem I had with the Wii I got for my daughter was the realisation that it really is a 'toy'.

rwalrond4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

@CaptChaos, What did you think you were buying your daughter? Something to wear? Last I checked videos games were toys. My kids are downstairs right now fighting over the Wii controllers just like they fight over any of the other toys that they play with.

AceLuby4577d ago

I think what he was saying is that he realized that it 'only' offers the toy aspect. W/ the 360/PS3 you get high-def gaming plus hi-def movies (optional on the 360) plus a media hub to stream anything from your computer, not to mention the ability to install Linux on the PS3 or surf the web using the PSN browser and do lots of other things the Wii can't. And while the Wii is fun it isn't, and never was supposed to be, any of those things and it wasn't until he got it and used it that he realized this.

rwalrond4577d ago

@AceLuby, Come on now, if you don't already know the Wii is just a gaming console then you're probably a casual gamer and playing games is the only thing you want to do anyways. While I will admit I like the fact that I can use my PS3 for videos, music and pictures, no one else in the family can figure out how to do it. It's much easier for my wife to pop a music CD into the DVD player than to fool around with the PS3.

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zag4577d ago

He won the dart game.

ChickeyCantor4577d ago

I really dont get why this is even news =/ if anyone even bothers reading the Warning booklet anyone could prevent this.

ravinash4577d ago

Not much news to report.

KidMakeshift4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

It sounds like a Will Farrell movie

KidMakeshift4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

At least it's a dart player and not a surgeon

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