GraveLord4511d ago

One Piece! 655k! Wow.
Western release pls?

disturbing_flame4511d ago

Namco did some of the greatest scores they ever did with PS3, first Tales of, now One Piece. It's about time they realize they can push their games on the market by making great exclusives on PS3.

If Square Enix did push the PS3 forward i think they would have done such great scores or even better scores. I think exclusives games are a benediction for a market, they are considered like special games by the gamers and they attract more than if they were multiplatforms.

First because they push the hardware to its limits and take advantages of every spec of the platforms they are developed for.

Secund because it's a special connexion in the history of a licence between the platform it is developed for and the players that are waiting to play them again on that platform, from generation to generations.

It's time for the japanese market to develop more games for PS3, and push them for this unique hardware to maximise their chance to give a special identity to their productions. Games sales very well on PS3 this One Piece is once again a proof of that.

It's time for japanese to rise, i think they can do it with great productions on PS3.

Knight_Cid4511d ago

and this week is shining blade and pokemon srpg who said japanese games/jrpgs suck?

jacksonmichael4511d ago

Phil Fish is who said that.

... Hehe.

Knight_Cid4511d ago

who is he?

I cant remember what games he developed


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Vits5h ago

I always find it weird to see opinion pieces reminiscing about a time when the article's author wasn't even alive to see it. This "switch" to profit over creativity in the industry started way back in the NES era when Nintendo controlled the number of games each publisher could release in a given time. This, in turn, made publishers carefully choose what was going to be released.

Things only really got better with the 3DO and later PlayStation, which changed how licensed games were handled. That improvement more or less lasted a generation and a half. By the time of the Xbox 360, we had another enormous cash cow trend in the form of the "casual audience." Since then, there has always been this chase for the next biggest thing to maximize profit.

It's not new; it's been going on for more than ten years now. And it's not going to stop when we have the production costs of the industry going higher and higher.


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