Devil May Cry 4: Marionette Attack Cutscene

Nero shows off his incredible powers as a rampaging army of Marionettes ravage the city.

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TANOD4043d ago

The PS3 version will have no loading times and support audio 5.1.

anyone who has a PS3 should defintely get the PS3 version since it has no loading times, has better audio files thx to Blu Ray and looks a tad better than the x360 version

DiLeCtioN4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

since launch day ive been playing multiplayer games(online) the only single player i bought this yr was Heavenly Sword...maybe i need to buy more games like DMC4.

Oh current gen owns cant wait for Home and Playstation T.V

EDIT: @ TANOD.. how did i know someone will say that lol..T.T and i do own a PS3

mighty_douche4043d ago

Looks cool. Skating around on a dead guys always gonna be pretty lame though.

DemiseofPandas4043d ago

I found it quite fun in DMC3. It's not like there is a requirement to use it to beat the game.

BloodySinner4043d ago

A piss poor wannabe if you ask me.

ravinash4043d ago

The whole thing will be played out in video clips on N4G.

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