Haze Out In January 08?

After all the recent rumours of it being delayed until later in 08, the French Ubisoft site, as well as some others, have it listed as a January release.

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TANOD4042d ago

i m looking forward to this game in JAN

RudeSole Devil4042d ago

I hope MGS 4 doesn't lose it's hype, the longer the wait the more time developers make your game look last gen.

TANOD4042d ago

we are all anticipating HAZE in JANUARY ,2008

no ps3 games would lose hype in 2008 since they are the biggest games not just on PS3 but in any console OF THIS GEN ---eg MGS 4,FF13

well devs certainly made UNCHARTED --the best looking game of this gen TILL DATE

socomnick4042d ago

The only hype this game had died months ago. I expect horrible sales.

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MaximusPrime4042d ago

Im patient and i dont mind when it comes out. Let them do the job to improve the game and then release.

For those saying "this is waiting" are impatient. Just play with the game you currently got and then look forward to Haze a few weeks before the actual release.

Lucreto4041d ago

We know a lot of people like that around here and we all know they will have a PS3 in secret when MGS4 comes out. As they will be too impatient to wait and see if there is a 360 version.

Vip3r4042d ago

If this does come out in January, I'll have COD4, Oblivion, AC, Uncharted and Haze all within a month. So much gaming goodness.


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The story is too old to be commented.